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What's Up in Pizza: Eater's Pizza Week, Pizza Apps, and More!


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Eater is taking this week to celebrate pizza in all its glory. Interviews, restaurant coverage, pie dissections—it's all there...but there are a few highlights particularly worth noting. They've released their NY Pizza Bracket (ahh, March), so check in there to vote for your favorites. There's also a new 38 Essential Pizzerias Across America list, a guide to New Haven pizzerias, and an interview with Paulie Gee, via the Reserve Channel. Check it out:

Watch For the Love of Pizza: Paulie Gee's

[Video: Reserve Channel]

Next up, we have a new app on the scene, with the easy to remember name "PizzaTheApp." The premise is pretty simple—we've all had late night moments, or moments of pure urgency, where we need a pie now and taking the time to find out what place nearby will both deliver and be good simply isn't an option. Enter PizzaTheApp, co-founded by Michael Brandt and Adam Ting. Using either the actual app or their website, you can quickly create a basic large pizza (with a handful of common toppings), put your delivery address and payment info in (tax, delivery fees and tips are already factored into the price) and voilĂ —sit back and wait for your pizza to arrive. This is currently a San Francisco-based operation, and the system pulls from 15 pizzerias around the city with at least 3-star reviews. I can foresee some kinks to work around, but as a basic idea...let's just say that if and when they expand to NYC, I'd be open to giving it a shot. Head to Medium for lighthearted talk with the brains behind the business or grab the full scoop from Eater's Allie Pape.

Finally, to finish on an absurd note...let's talk about pizzasexuals. Thought Catalog has put together a list, and if you answer yes to, let's say, over a third of the items, you might want to reconsider your orientation. For the full list head to their site, but we'll share a few standouts here:

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