[Photograph: Pizza Hut New Zealand]

  • According to Fox News, Pizza Hut New Zealand is releasing a new variety of its infamous stuffed crust: Chee-Zee Marmite. Pumped full of the standard gooey mozzarella, it also features a thick layer of Marmite, the salty yeast spread beloved in the United Kingdom, Australia—where the similar Vegemite reigns supreme—and, of course, New Zealand. I doubt we can expect to see this making it stateside any time soon, so for now we'll just have to rely on our friends down under to report back.
  • Remember when pizza tour guide and veteran Slice contributor Scott Wiener published this book showcasing his very extensive pizza box collection? Well, now you can check some of them out in person—that is if you live in NYC and make the trek over to the Melville House Gallery in DUMBO by the end of the month. Scott told DNAInfo, "I just love the generic pizza box so much because it is not trying to sell anything. It's a box that just celebrates pizza...Once you look at a pizza box that is not what you are used to it makes you reconsider all the other mundane things that you have seen."
  • And speaking of pizza boxes, check out this guy! Victoria Beckham's mom was apparently digging around in her freezer when she found a battered box at the very back. What had she uncovered? A frozen pizza unlike any other. This particular freezer pie was a forgotten piece of Spice Girls memorabilia, a pizza that actually formed the word "Spice", with a different topping for each letter. Victoria snapped a picture of the un-boxed "slices" over on Twitter.
  • Ever hear of Barrow? Apparently it's the northernmost town in the U.S., located in Alaska above the Arctic Circle. Kind of surprisingly, it has three pizzerias, but only one of them—East Coast Pizzeria—specializes in delivery. Yesterday, The Wall Street Journal shared a look inside the world of delivery man Aleksandar Joksic. Winter, Joksic explains, is their busiest season (for understandable reasons...who wants to go out in minus-40 Fahrenheit?), and the pies get delivered in a gas-efficient Hyundai, with special bags to keep them warm. Basically, everything is astronomically harder when it's freezing out: the car takes an hour to come to temperature, the delivery men need to wear like a million pounds of clothes, and an extra heater is needed inside the car to prevent the glass from breaking. I can only hope the Barrow residents are generous tippers.

About the author: Kate Andersen is a Contributing Editor for Slice.


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