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First up, there's a new little game out from Nickelodeon—Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Pizza Time! The premise is exceptionally simple; Michelangelo wants to slice up some toppings to go on his one true love, pizza. Oh, and there's an arbitrary time limit, per usual. Anyone who's ever played a few rounds of Fruit Ninja should be familiar with the basic gameplay, except there's even less chance of failure...which reminds you that this is obviously a game for children. Nevertheless, it's cute, mindless fun that's definitely worth playing around with for pizza and TMNT fans alike.


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Over at The Daily Meal, there's a new list of their 17 top pizza chains around the world. Here in America, we're amply familiar with the chain restaurant in general, and pizza is no exception: Domino's, Pizza Hut, Papa John's, Cici's, Papa Murphy's...the list goes on, and on, and on. But I have to admit to being mostly ignorant of the places on The Daily Meal's list. They compiled it by looking at some of the most popular travel blogs, narrowing down to the pizza places that had the highest ratings. The results are places that should at the very least prove interesting for most American diners, if not necessarily a transcendent gustatory experience. The top three, in ascending order, are Pizza Pizza (Canada), Greenwich Pizza & Pasta (Philippines), and Telepizza (Spain). For the full list, and The Daily Meal's breakdown of what makes them noteworthy, check out their slideshow.


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Lastly, in keeping with the global theme, a mystifying but nonetheless entertaining commercial for a Mongolian pizza chain, Noyonzuuch. There are some undeniably weird colonial undertones here (a Marco Polo-ish Westerner charming his way into Mongolia with pizza?), but honestly my biggest takeaway was how insanely laden with cheese and toppings the pie seems to be. The chain is located in Ulaanbaatar (and also seems to sell chicken). The photo above is from their Facebook page, which leaves me still more perplexed—is their mascot some kind of a kangaroo? Why?? Google translated the caption for me as "SIR PAZZI for MNB's Mazaakhaigyn friends, my greetings...". So. There's that. Anyway, the ad's not in English, but feel free to participate in the strangeness by tuning in below!

Noyonzuch Pizza Brand Commercial

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