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My Pizza Oven: RobynB's Indoor Wood-Fired Oven

My Pizza Oven Adam Kuban 13 comments

"...that's become one of our qualifications for new friends: 'How much pizza can you eat and how often? Oh, you don't like pizza? Nice knowing you.'" More

My Pizza Oven: Aaron 'DoubleA' Harris

My Pizza Oven Adam Kuban 6 comments

We got wind of Aaron "DoubleA" Harris's oven when he chimed in on the Awesome Pizza in Kentucky? Talk topic. You know what happens when you mention you own a wood-fired oven around these parts, don't you? You get yourself a place in the hot seat. Let's get Aaron in there now.... More

My Pizza Oven: Kate and Nick Martin's Indoor Wood-Fired Oven

My Pizza Oven Adam Kuban 8 comments

"It was installed when we built our house, circa 2006. It is made of French stone and has has a honeycomb shape (the inside portion that is). It is alleged by them (the manufacturers) that this particular stone retains heat better than most, so the baker does not need to feed the fire as often. It came as a kit, but the builder put it all together. The outside stone is from a portico on one of the buildings on our property which fell down. The stone mason built this around the honeycomb inside kit. It probably took a few days to build because the granite had to be cut and fitted around the oven." More

My Pizza Oven: John Della Vecchia - Pint-Size Oven, Big-Time Pizzas

My Pizza Oven Pizzablogger 17 comments

While he is not well-known here on Slice, a relative newcomer to the wood-fired homemade pizza scene has been posting pictures of some mouthwateringly delicious-looking pizzas over at under the screen name dellavecchia. Dellavecchia has made rapid progression with his wood-fired oven and his curiosity, passion, and constant experimentation convinced me that he needed to be featured on My Pizza Oven. Let's put him in the hot seat! —PB John and his Primavera 70 Oven. [Photographs: Marcus Aaron Walker, courtesy of John Della Vecchia] Name: John Della Vecchia Location: Natick, Massachusetts (just outside of Boston) Oven: Forno Bravo Primavera... More

My Pizza Oven: Tom Scarborough

My Pizza Oven Adam Kuban 7 comments

When Tom Scarborough made his My Pie Monday debut yesterday and mentioned cooking in "my WFO for a couple minutes at 800°F," I knew we had our next victim for">My Pizza Oven. Let's put him in the hot seat! More

David Sheridan's Backyard Brooklyn Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

My Pizza Oven Adam Kuban 17 comments

"I've roasted vegetables on post-pizza days and have used the oven as a smoker. I like the roasting in particular because it makes use of heat from the pizza firing. I want to try bread pretty soon and plan to cook a Thanksgiving turkey in there this year." More

My Pizza Oven: Dave Konstantin

My Pizza Oven Adam Kuban 12 comments

"When you build a pizza oven, suddenly everyone is your friend—even people you were sure hated you! Our neighbor's kids come to the fence with hungry looks and usually go back in with a couple of pizzas." —Dave Konstantin More

My Pizza Oven: Mike Shimpock Builds a Cheap, Fast Wood-Fired Earth Oven

My Pizza Oven Adam Kuban 21 comments

"You don't need a lot of money or space to have a wood-fired oven. I built this oven by myself in less than a week of actual work for less than $200. It makes excellent pizzas, and with a live fire can make easily more than a dozen 12-inch pies, bake tons of bread, and even roast a chicken. I had zero masonry experience and still pulled this off.... Go for it! What's the worst that can happen? You have a pile of mud in your backyard?" More

My Pizza Oven: Timothy Paul Perry Converts Wall Oven to Propane-Burning Pizza-Cooker

My Pizza Oven Adam Kuban 14 comments

Over the weekend Timothy Paul Perry (aka timotheos) started a thread in Serious Eats Talk about his DIY pizza oven. It was so intriguing—he uses an inverted wok as a dome in a hacked home oven—that people were pinging him for pictures and more info. I knew I had to put him in the hot seat for a My Pizza Oven interview. Whoomp, here it is. More

My Pizza Oven: Rene Walhout's Countertop Pizza Oven

My Pizza Oven Adam Kuban 16 comments

I don't know if I've made it clear during Pizza But Not Pizza Week/Fusion Pizza Week yet that these 5 days are more about the celebration of novel forms of pizza — not a diss on them. With that in mind, I would like to introduce you to Rene Walhout and his very novel form of making pizza — the G3 Ferrari Countertop Pizza Oven. The pizzas that come out of it look really good. Which is amazing, because this gadget looks more like a tortilla press than a serious oven. But Rene swears by it and was excited to share it. I've caught the fever now, too, and am on the lookout for one. Anyway, let's get Rene in the hot seat. Right this way .... More

My Pizza Oven: Jay Jerrier and His Mobile Pizza Oven

My Pizza Oven Adam Kuban 37 comments

You might recognize Jay Jerrier primarily by his screen name on Slice — canerosso. He's the first My Pizza Oven profile I've done with someone who owns a mobile pizza oven. From the looks of his pizzas, it looks like the oven on wheels is no impediment to high-quality pies. Without further ado, let's get Jay in the hot seat! More

My (Budding) Pizza Oven: David S. with Another Brooklyn Backyard Oven

My Pizza Oven Adam Kuban 4 comments

Last week, I got an email from David S. with the subject line "Another pizza oven grows in Brooklyn." David was referring to Mark Wilkie's backyard Brooklyn pizza oven, which you may remember from August of last year. Building a pizza oven in a Brooklyn backyard is sort of a feat, since A) space is at a premium and B) it's often pretty damn difficult to get items into the backyard because there's often no access other than what you've got going through the living space itself. Anyway, David promises to keep us updated throughout the process. (Between his first... More

My Pizza Oven: Leyway, Making Pizza in Paradise

My Pizza Oven Adam Kuban 4 comments

I discovered today's My Pizza Oven subject via the My Pie Monday feature when she submitted a photo of her Margherita pizza. She was kind enough to put herself in the hot seat for us. And, wow. Turns out she's from Cebu, Philippines. Talk about pizza in paradise. More

My Pizza Oven: Matt Stuttle, Cambridge, UK

My Pizza Oven Adam Kuban 10 comments

This week's My Pizza Oven interview is our first international edition. Matt Stuttle, from Cambridge, UK, joins us to tell us about his oven, which he uses to great effect to entertain family, friends, and neighbors. (And, no, that's not Matt in the photo at left but his son—that kid's going to have quite the advantage when it comes to the Pizza Cognition Theory. More

My Pizza Oven: Sue Wong - Busy, WFO-Obsessed Moms, Represent!

My Pizza Oven Adam Kuban 16 comments

Last week I got an email from today's My Pizza Oven subject, Sue Wong of Phoenix: "I just had my first wood-fired oven installed in my backyard a month ago and have been reading everything I can on pizza, and your blog is my favorite." Well, if Ms. Wong was gunning for a MPO spot, she knew just the right buttons to push. Flattery gets you everywhere, right? Anyway, without further ado, let's put Sue in the hot seat. More

My Pizza Oven: Caleb Schiff (aka Flagstaff Forno)

My Pizza Oven Adam Kuban 29 comments

This week's My Pizza Oven interviewee, Caleb Schiff (aka Flagstaff Forno), is A) awesome and B) CRAZY. He's got a beautiful backyard wood-fired oven he built himself and cooks some great-looking pizza in. That's the awesome part. The CRAZAY part is that he seems totally serious about hosting Flagstaff-area Slice'rs for pizza. I don't think he knows what he's getting himself into! More

My Pizza Oven: Alberto of 'Forza Pizza'

My Pizza Oven Adam Kuban 19 comments

"I categorize a lot of pizzerias as "Progressive Neapolitan," and I would like to think that description fits me as well. It means building on the foundation of a traditional Neapolitan pizza whether you are herbalizing the sauce, stiffening the crust a bit, or anything else along those lines." More

My Pizza Oven: Pizzahacker, the Renegade Pieman of San Francisco

My Pizza Oven Adam Kuban 28 comments

He appears in the evenings on the streets of San Francisco, mostly in the city's Mission District, with a heavily modified Weber kettle grill in tow. Into his "FrankenWeber" goes wood, though, not charcoal. And instead of burgers or hot dogs, the dish that Pizza Hacker cooks is, obviously, pizza. And while this scene sounds like it could veer toward "gimmick," it is anything but. Pizzahacker is the real deal, as this Q&A with him reveals. Get to know him and his craft! More

My Pizza Oven: Mark Graban, Fort Worth, Texas

My Pizza Oven Adam Kuban 10 comments

I'm happy to highlight Mark Graban's pizza oven here on the site today. Mark was actually the first Slice reader to ever contact me and send me links and info about a backyard pizza oven. This must have been back in early 2007 or so. Since then, I've checked in on his blog* periodically to see what he's up to. Without further ado, let's fire up this Q&A! --The Mgmt. [Photographs: Mark Graban] When did you put it in? Our inspiration for the oven was the world-famous (rightfully so) Pizzeria Bianco. My wife and I used to live in Phoenix,... More

My Pizza Oven: Mark Wilkie, Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn

My Pizza Oven Adam Kuban 32 comments

When I put out a call for people to be featured in the My Pizza Oven series, I never thought I'd get a response from someone who lived a mile away from me in Brooklyn. I mean, it's New York City--not that many people have their own yards here, and of those who do, how many are crazy* enough to put in a backyard pizza oven? Nice to see an oven grow here. --The Mgmt. Mark Wilkie's oven--just finished over the weekend. [Photographs: Mark Wilkie] You put a pizza oven in the garden of your Brooklyn home. First question, then:... More

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