Pizza Obsessives

Slice interviews with folks who are mad about pizza.


Pizza Obsessives: Matthew "BKMatt" Hyland

If you've been hanging around this corner of the internet pizzascape, chances are you've run into Matt Hyland, a.k.a. BKMatt, before. As he and his wife Emily get to work on opening a pizzeria in Clinton Hill early next year, we thought it was high time to sit down and talk to Matt about his pizza obsession and upcoming project. More

Pizza Obsessives: Kate Andersen, Slice's New Contributing Editor

In the few short months since I gleefully took on the role of Slice editor (aka Lady Slice), I've been lucky enough to add Associate Editor of Serious Eats to my honorific. And while juggling both roles has been a delightful exercise in time management, I am extraordinarily pleased to welcome Kate Andersen to the team as Slice's new Contributing Editor. What better way to get to know her than a good old-fashioned round of Pizza Obsessives? More

Pizza Obsessives: Damian Barneschi

Today's obsessive is a pizza-lover from the Boston area who makes some very fine contributions to My Pie Monday, which I have even been lucky enough to try! (I once got to attend one of his epic pizza parties in Cambridge.) Let's get to know our fellow pie enthusiast Damian a little better as he spends a little time in the ol' 'hot seat'. More

Pizza Obsessives: Lance Roberts

>Slice'r Lance Roberts has never let wide expanses of territory come between him and a good pie. You might have seen a report or two to that effect. He's a regular Pizza Bedouin. Sliceland is just the place for a roving pie man like Lance to hang his hat (and you're sure to have seen him around these parts—always sure to put in his two cents). Let's get to know him a little better when he takes a trip to the hot seat. More

Pizza Obsessives: Frank Pinello of Best Pizza

If you were at Sandwich Fest two weeks back, you most likely picked up an amazingly delicious meatball sub from Best Pizza. After running into Pizza Obsessive alum amusebouche1 at the festival, I couldn't get those hot seat questions out of my mind. Luckily, I was able to find a willing interviewee in pizzaiolo and Best Pizza (reviewed here) owner Frank Pinello. More

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