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Poll: Sugar in Tomato Sauce, Way or No Way?

Is that a hardworking teaspoon of sugar just mindin' it's own business OR is it the shot heard 'round the world? If you frequent Slice, you may have spotted the recent re-emergence of a longstanding debate regarding Kenji's New York style pizza sauce. The recipe calls for a modest addition of sugar, and a whole lot of folks are just not having it. So, we want to know. Is that (biggish) pinch of sugar no big deal or utter, heinous blasphemy? More

Poll: What Pizza Style Are You Most Thankful For?

Although turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie grace the dinner table in lieu of pizza, we keep all things we are grateful for at the forefront of our thoughts on Thanksgiving day. That, of course, includes pizza! So in the spirit of giving thanks, vote for the style of pizza that you are most thankful for. Plus, check out the bonus poll! More

Poll: Which Alternative Pizza Crusts Have You Tried and Liked?

Among everyday pizza-loving civilians, I'd hazard a guess that alternative pizza crusts are not much loved. However, the trouble is more likely that too often grains get misused by those more interested in the "health benefits" of non-white wheats and grains than in how to work them into the dough properly. My question to you is: What alternative pizza crusts have you tried and liked? More

Poll: What's the Best Bite of the Slice?

What do you consider to be the best bite out of a slice? Is it the first one; hot and fresh but with the threat of tomato and cheese lava mouth-sear? Or maybe one of the middle bites when all the elements have cooled enough for all the flavors to be best appreciated and you can revel in more to come? Or do you save the best for last? More

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