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Pizza reviews in the San Francisco area.


First Look: Capo's Chicago Pizza and Fine Italian Dinners, San Francisco

Tony Gemignani of pizza award-winning fame and the always-packed Tony's Pizza Napoletana is opening a deep dish place in North Beach, this Friday night. Nestled tidily on Vallejo off Columbus, a glowing neon sign reads "Capo's," subtly staking its claim in a neighborhood where authenticity, and quality, are prized about as highly as a good whiskey cocktail and a solid slice. Here's your first peek inside! More

Daily Slice: Veggie at Live Fire Pizza, SFO

Airport eating tends to fall into two categories: on-the-fly meals that you stuff into your carryon as you race through the terminal—Yes, Chex Mix and Chips Ahoy totally count as a balanced lunch if you're flying—and those airport meals meant to kill a little more time, because you got there too early, or, god forbid, your flight is delayed. The pizzas at Live Fire in the Napa Farms Market at San Francisco International Airport take a few minutes, so they won't work in the first case, but as far as airport pizza goes, you could do much, much worse. More

Top This: Bianca Pizza (a la Ragazza)

A bonafide tomato/tomato sauce enthusiast, I'm certainly guilty of dismissing white pies as 'boring.' That's until I tried the Bianca at San Francisco's Ragazza. Chef Sharon Ardiana blends sharp, aged provolone, preserved Meyer lemon, and a straight-up dangerous onion crema to form the Bianca's base. This is topped with a sprinkling of snappy fresh arugula, and a pour of extra virgin olive oil. More

First Look: Gioia Pizzeria Comes to San Francisco

Gioia Pizzeria and its New York-style slices with ingredient-driven toppings have always been out of reach for San Franciscans. North Berkeley is just too far to travel on a regular basis when you know a shoe box of a restaurant with only five seats awaits you. But Will and Karen Gioia recently opened a new outpost of their slice shop in San Francisco, and this time it's a full-service restaurant, with a menu that goes well beyond pizza. We visited with Will Gioia to check out the new space and get a look at him making pizzas. More

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