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Pizza reviews in the Seattle area.


Pizza City Guides: Tom Douglas's Seattle

To say that we trust Tom Douglas when it comes to Seattle's restaurant scene would be an understatement. We've asked him to recommend everything from his favorite eateries to Seattle's best burgers. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the chef just happened to be crowned the nation's Best Restaurateur at last year's James Beard awards. With 12 restaurants under his belt, including two pretty serious pie shops—not to mention a catering business, a line of specialty foods, and a professional bakery—we figured it was high time to get his take on Seattle's expanding pizza scene. More

Daily Slice: Pritty Boys Family Pizzeria, Seattle

Despite enduring one of the worst dining experiences in recent memory, it's easy for me to recommend Pritty Boys Family Pizzeria. Embrace a quadruple-threat of meats with The Craver, a sausage/pepperoni/Candian bacon/beef bacon wonder that'll leave you smiling, even while the restaurant becomes overrun with hyperactive preschoolers. More

Daily Slice: Sicilian at Big Mario's, Seattle

Who can resist a hefty Sicilian slice topped with salami, pepperoni, and sausage? It's nothing fancy, just salty, oily meats resting on a thin layer of herbaceous tomato sauce and mozzarella. The meats do everything they're supposed to do: the pepperoni brings the mild spiciness, the salami brings the sodium and grease, and the hunks of sausage bring the characteristic porkiness (sans fennel, unfortunately). Standard stuff, but a perfect cap to a night of drinking (which is what this neighborhood is really for.) More

Zayda Buddy's Brings the Midwest to Seattle

Like the Midwest pies it's emulating, the crust is thin, tender, and flaky. I usually pass on pizza taken to such excess, but The Ballard Bridge pie won me over from the first bite. It's loaded with pepperoni, Italian sausage, and ground beef tucked under a gooey layer of mozzarella, then topped with black olives and white onions. More

Top This: Flying Squirrel's Roasted Potato Pizza with Chive Oil and Blue Cheese (aka The #6)

Potatoes on pizza: way or no way? At Flying Squirrel Pizza Co. in Seattle, owner Bill Coury spits in the face of carb-counters (figuratively, of course) with his popular #6, a New York–style pie topped with chive oil, Maytag blue cheese, spinach, garlic, mozzarella, and lemon-herb roasted potatoes. Here's how to make this delicious pizza at home. More

Modern Apizza's New Spin-off at Seattle's Safeco Field

The news cycled quickly through the Slice ranks: Bill Pustari, owner of venerated New Haven pizzeria Modern Apizza, just opened a concession stand at Seattle's Safeco Field. For a Seattleite like myself, 3,000 miles from Connecticut, the only natural reaction to such an announcement is to emit the high-pitched squeal usually reserved for prepubescent girls upon acquisition of backstage passes at a Justin Bieber concert. More

Seattle: Wake Up and Set Your Mouth Ablaze at Mioposto Caffe e Pizzeria

Hear the word pizza and breakfast is rarely the first meal that comes to mind. The combination of tomato sauce, salty cheese, and cured meats just seems to lend itself to a lunch- or dinnertime item, but slap an egg on it, and suddenly it's completely acceptable breakfast material. Since Mioposto Caffe e Pizzeria seems to focus just as heavily on its coffee as its Italian eats, it was smart decision for them to offer something the locals could devour while sipping their lattes on rainy Seattle mornings, and their spicy breakfast pizza fits the bill admirably. More

Seattle: The Seeds of Addiction Are Sown at The Independent Pizzeria

Some may have found it hyperbolic when I deemed Delancey the best pizzeria in Seattle. What then do they say of the Seattle Weekly's claim that the very recent newcomer to the Emerald City pizza scene, The Independent, "easily makes...the best pizza in town"? I knew I couldn't be the only one to find that statement provocative, especially since the Weekly has never bestowed its "Best Pizza" award upon the transcendent pies at Delancey, so tasting Independent's wares quickly became my #1 priority. More

Delancey: The Pinnacle of Seattle Pizza

In many cities, perhaps even most cities outside New York or Naples, you will come across a pizzeria that is clearly head-and-shoulders above the rest of the town's competition. This is very much true in Seattle, Washington, where owner/pizzaiolo Brandon Pettit's Delancey serves not only the best pizza in the city, but the best I've eaten in the entire state. By a mile. More

Daily Slice: The Hercules at Pegasus, Seattle

On the tourist-choked strip of waterfront real estate known as Alki Beach in West Seattle, Pegasus Pizza caters to the drunken masses who just want something to soak up all the Bud Light. There's no better pie on the menu to absorb that alcohol than The Hercules, a pizza whose sheer heft is truly worthy of its namesake. More

Veraci in Seattle: Skip the Restaurant, Hit the Carts

What started in 2004 as a small mobile oven nicknamed "Terracottababy" and rapidly expanded to include a brick-and-mortar restaurant and an empire of farmer's market carts, Veraci is a success story Seattleites love to call their own. Sadly, there is a definite discrepancy between the feverish hype surrounding Veraci and the actual product they're serving. More

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