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Washington DC: Overdue Impressions of DC Staple 2Amys

Since its opening a little more than a decade ago, Cleveland Park's 2Amys has become a household name in Washington, DC. Even as the Neapolitan pie scene becomes increasingly more crowded, there has yet to be a real contender to challenge 2Amys' reign for best pizzeria in the District. That said, we recently became aware of the glaring omission of never having formally reviewed 2Amys' pies here on Slice. So, to remedy this, we made it out to Cleveland Park to check in on how the pizza is doing at the longtime DC favorite. More

DC Pizza and Some Hot Coal-Oven News

On the blog DCist today, a comparison of Washington pizzerias 2 Amys, Bebo Trattoria, Comet Pizza, and Red Rocks. What gets my attention, however, is one of the commenters: NYC expats who want their coal-fired pizza fix now have an option outside Baltimore. The Phat Pug Coal Fired Pizzeria, 8814A Bel Air Road, Perry Hall, MD is about an hour's drive from downtown DC. If you're down on the burnt crust tip, this is your only option outside New York. And yeah, coal fired pizza ain't coming to DC no way, no how. Imagine what that stuff does to your... More

A Slice of Heaven: Washington, D.C.

Hey, Slicesters, Ed Levine here. If you follow this site regularly, you know we've been excerpting chapters and info from the pizza book I wrote, Pizza: A Slice of Heaven. Since Adam has been talking a lot about D.C. pizza as of late, I thought I'd post my chapter on the subject. Enjoy! —EdIt was at Ella's Wood Fired Pizza, the first stop on my Washington, D.C., pizza tour, that I developed my owner-occupied pizza theory. I sat down at a table across from the beautiful, fire-engine-red, wood-fired brick oven and ordered a Margherita and a marinara pizza. I asked... More

More D.C. Pizza

Blogger D.C. Concierge answers a question from one of her readers: Where can I find good pizza in the District? She recommends Comet Pizza and Ping Pong (Warning: Slicester Hackmuth tells us that the pies here are "tiny and expensive"). The concierge also is also in "LOVE LOVE LOVE" with 2 Amys, which at one point was one of the few pizzerias in the U.S. to be listed with the Verace Pizza Napoletana organization (the joint is no longer listed on the VPN site). Anyway, the concierge claims that the best brick-oven pies in D.C. can be found at Matchbox... More

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