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Video: 30 Rock's Devon Banks on Cold Pizza the Morning After

On 30 Rock last night, Devon Banks (Will Arnett) returns to plot his revenge against Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin). A heated(?) exchange ensues about cold, morning-after pizza and hot, hot pizza: Devon: You know, revenge is a dish best served cold, Jack. Like sashimi ... or pizza.Jack: You prefer cold pizza?Devon: The morning after? It's the best.Jack: Better than hot pizza? That's insane.Devon: You don't tell me what kind of pizza to like. You don't tell me anything anymore, Jack! Another weird TV pizza reference: Doctor Who Tries to Call U.N.I.T., Dials Pizza Geronimo by Mistake... More

Judah Friedlander Hates St. Louis-style Pizza

Wow. From Grub Street's "New York Diet" series, 30 Rock's Judah Friedlander on St. Louis–style pizza: I can tell you what I had the weekend before that I’m still obsessed with. I had a gig in St. Louis. Nice people, St. Louis, but I’ve never seen an entire city fuck up a pizza so bad. I get a ride from the airport to the hotel. We pass by an Imo’s pizza, which is a large chain there, and the guy starts getting a boner for this pizza place. So I go “Hey, how’s this place,” and he goes “awwww, dude,... More

Leftovers: The Day's Stray Links

Marginally pizza-related (and possibly marginally funny) parody phone-sex commercial from 30 Rock. What is that, fresh mozzarella and pepperoni on that thing? I wonder where they ordered it from. [via Eat Me Daily] NYC - Anselmo's: "Best pizza I've ever eaten," says one poster. I wouldn't go that far, but it's definitely promising. [Chowhound] NYC - Frozen Pizza from Kesté: Apparently, recently opened Kesté is located in Any Town, Alaska, at least according to this receipt. [Eater] Don't It Sound Rustic and Charming? "In our postage stamp backyard, we have a shed. In the shed there is a wood-burning... More

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