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Pizza Flavored Steamed Buns: Stupid, or Genius?

J. Kenji López-Alt 45 comments

At a convenience store In Japan, you've got a window full of rice balls in flavors ranging from pickled plum to spicy pollack roe, skewered beef guts or fish cakes simmered in broth, or—a relative newcomer to the snacking scene—Chinese mandou-style buns, commonly called simply man in Japan. The usual suspects are there—pork, cabbage, mushroom—but this time I was interested in the single neon-orange specimen with the intriguing name pizza-man. This, I thought to myself, has the potential to stagger me with its genius. More

7-Eleven Slice Salvation

Will Gordon 29 comments

A distressing number of Cambridge pizzerias close at the ridiculous hour of Before I Want Pizza. Fortunately, what Cambridge lacks in slice options, it makes up for in 7-Elevens, and they've finally started selling pizza! More

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