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Earn Foursquare's New Pizzaiolo Badge by Checking In at 20 Pizzerias

Reaching in to the Slice mailbag, we've got some cool news about a new Foursquare badge. (Foursquare is a social-media site and phone app that turns going out on the town into a sort of game. You earn points and badges for checking in at various places. Yo, wanted to give you a heads up that Foursquare now has a new badge...It's called Pizzaiolo... you earn it if you check in to 2520 pizzerias. Enclosed is what it looks like. Figured you might be interested. I'm betting you'll earn it soon.Cheers, Aaron... More

Black Sheep Coal-Fired Pizza, Minneapolis

Minneapolis Star Tribune On Wednesday, our man in Chicago hipped me to some coal-oven news I had been sleeping on—that a joint called Black Sheep Coal-Fired Pizza in Minneapolis needed to be added to the Slice Coal-Oven Map. Yeah, Daniel Zemans must have been prompted to ping me by the the story in the Minneapolis Star Tribune about the place. Says the newspaper:... More

Meet Aaron Landry, the Twin Cities' Sage of Slicedom

Photograph from Bill.Roehl on Flickr Nice to see Minneapolis's Aaron Landry get some props for his pizza-blogging. His site, found at s4xton.com, isn't primarily about pizza, but he attacks this dear-to-my-heart subject with great passion. He's got a number of reviews from his hometown, a roundup from Kentucky as well as a nice selection from visits to New York City and D.C. To narrow his site's content to pizza, visit his "pizza" category page.... More

The iPhone Gives Bad Pizza Advice

View Larger Map So I just made a case for getting my greasy hands on a free developer iPhone 3G from Apple. One of my points was that Slice could help improve the device's pizza logic. I thought the thing only needed minor tweaking. Turns out, it needs a lot of help. As Aaron Landry points out, the separate video that really gets down to the nitty gritty on the Maps with GPS feature shows Bob the iPhone Guy starting out in Brooklyn Heights. On Pineapple and Henry streets. He searches for pizza, and the iPhone defaults to John's Pizzeria... More

From Row to Dough: Pizza Farm Grows Almost All Pie Ingredients On Site

Sounds like this pizza in Wisconsin is probably the freshest pizza you'll ever eat: ... I talked with Ted Fisher [owner of A to Z Produce farm] briefly while he was making pizzas, and he explained that they try to grow and raise everything in the pizza on the premises. Everything from the wheat in the dough to the animals that produced the cheese to the fresh peppers are all within a short reach of the outdoor wood-fired brick oven they built themselves. They had a surprising amount of pizza options written on a chalk board such as “stinging nettles... More

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