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Who's your grandma? UES Abitino's nonna pie doin' it right

"Burnt cheese is not a gimmick, it's a guilty pleasure that we should all indulge in..." [Photographs: DJ Bubbles] Abitino's (UES) 1592 First Avenue, New York NY 10028 (82nd/83rd; map); 212-734-8800; abitinospizza.com Pizza style: Grandma pies and slices Oven type: Steel-deck gas-fired The Skinny: The grandma pies here are the thing to get. Make sure to order them well-done Whatever happened to "What can I get for your, sir?" when you walk into a pizzeria? These days, I'm getting a lot of "Whaddya want, tons of fun?" It's that type of treatment that has had me ordering in lately. Back... More

Abitino's in Murray Hill

A New Year always brings about the opportunity for renewed optimism and reconciliation. It's a time to set new goals and get your priorities in order. As I was walking down Second Avenue, I decided I had two New Year's resolutions: I wanted to be healthier in 2008, and I wanted to try the remaining pizza joints in Manhattan that I hadn't already hit. I know, I'm kinda setting myself up to fail the first resolution if I am successful with the second. At any rate, it was with that spirit that I decided to grant a temporary Bubble... More

Closings: Abitino's on Bleecker

Dear Slice, Walked by last night and noticed the corner shop is all boarded up. It seems that Abitino's is no more. —Marc M. Well, supposedly it's under renovation, but with the awnings and signage removed, looks like this branch of Abitino's is closed. Pizza fans will remember that the corner location used to house Joe's before it relocated to the middle of the same block.... More

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