'Alan Richman's Top 25 Pizza List' on Serious Eats

No Love for New Jersey Pizza, Richman?

Dunno if you're tapped out on reading any more reactions to the Alan Richman Top 25 Pizza List, but I haven't yet seen someone from New Jersey get in on the pile up—until now. Here's Caroline from the blog Devil & Egg defending the Garden State's cheesy honor: Now for my complaint, where's the Jersey representation!? What the friggin frick! I mean, come on. Providence, R.I., gets 2 pizzerias! New Haven gets 2! NYC gets 5 (and didn't include the original Patsy's in East Harlem)! Michigan gets 4!!!! San Francisco 3? Philly gets 2! And Jersey ... 0Come on. New... More

Comment of the Week: Portland-Area Intel

Not everybody follows the comments on Slice as closely as some of us do. For those slackers, we occasionally highlight a really good piece of intel that might otherwise go overlooked. Today, some Portland-area wisdom from Extramsg, who blogs at Extramsg.com. —The Mgmt. Originally appeared on "Alan Richman Names Top 25 Pizzerias in U.S.": I'd really be interested to see the 109 pizza joints he went to. It does appear the NW got snubbed.IMO, you get to a certain level of quality and it becomes a question of palate. But prior to that, there are a lot of relatively objective... More

Reactions to the 'GQ' Top 25 Pizza List

In lieu of a Leftovers roundup today, I'm just going to give you an overview of what people in various cities are saying about Alan Richman's Top 25 pizza list. Alan Richman with his controversial list. Chicago Pizza Club: "... Like so many critics from outside of Chicago, Richman entirely dismisses deep dish and stuffed pizza." Chicago Tribune: Great Lake, "a notoriously slow pizzeria in Andersonville will become even slower." Detroit Free Press: "Detroit is the third-best pizza city in America... To make the accolade sweeter, Chicago came in fourth." Eater LA: Why L.A.'s Mozza didn't make the cut. Houston... More

Blogger: Frank Pepe's 'Overrated, Overhyped, Awful'

The blog Food Network Humor reacts to Alan Richman's pizza list in GQ, focusing on No. 12 Frank Pepe's: Here’s the thing: I live in Connecticut. I’ve waited in the lines. I’ve feasted on the various “world famous” pizza pies. And I’ve left disappointed, every time. Sure the place is filled with history, and yes, they cook in a coal oven, but so what? The result is a tired, dated restaurant and pizzas that are so chewy you can hardly swallow them. The truth is, Pepe’s serves the worst pizza I have ever eaten in my life (and I’ve... More

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