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My Pie Monday: Climbhighak's Self-Clean-Cycle Pizzas

"Short and sweet: Not many New York/Naples-style pizzas to be found in Anchorage, Alaska. So I am working them out on my own.

These are all-natural-yeast-from-sourdough pies cooked in an electric oven. I did the Varasano hack [That would be disabling the self-clean cycle lock-out —The Mgmt.] and am reaching temps around 815°F...." More

The United States of Pizza: Alaska

Continuing the 50-part series that is The United States of Pizza, here's Jenn Sit makin' like a cheechako in the Last Frontier. —The Mgmt. Although I worry that a pizza oven would threaten the structural integrity of an igloo, Spencer Shroyer (editor of the Anchorage Daily News's Play Magazine), my invaluable source of Alaskan pizza intel, showed me that wood-fired ovens do indeed exist in the Land of the Midnight Sun. All Alaska jokes aside, we in the Lower 48 must overcome our Rudolph-ladened imaginings of Meat Lover pies strewn with caribou, moose, and reindeer sausage (a topping option at... More

Locavore Pizza in Alaska?

According to a New York Times reader, Finn's Pizza in Homer, Alaska, offers terrific thin-crust pizza made with local ingredients in a wood-burning oven. But how long can tomato-growing season really be in Alaska? According to an Alaska native we checked with, it's short, just two or three months, but since there are roughly 22 hours of daylight during summertime, tomatoes grow to jumbo sizes. And, he pointed out, "locavore" toppings could also include smoked salmon.... More

In Alaska, It's Pizza by Plane

Beaver From Flickr member Mr Lunatic Fringe. From InsideBayArea.com: HARD to believe, but Nome has just gotten its first pizza delivery business, a joint that brings gourmet pies to people's doors and even flies special orders to Bush villages hundreds of miles away. For free. It may not arrive hot, but it's all the rage in this Northwest Alaska region where Nome, with its 3,500 residents, had no food delivery options until Airport Pizza launched. You buy and they fly in Alaska [InsideBayArea.com, via Tien Mao]... More

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