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'Always Hungry' on the Calzone at Nick's in Forest Hills

[Photograph: Always Hungry] Always Hungry is raving about the calzone at Nick's Pizza in Forest Hills, Queens, and it looks pretty good to me: Small or large, the calzone is unlike any other in New York. Choose a filling from the list of pizza toppings. They range from the conventional—sausage and pepperoni—to sun-dried tomatoes, and prosciutto. Outside, its flat crust more resembles grilled cheese than a calzone. Inside, it's totally filled with a soupy, flavorful, nonpareil ricotta accented with melted mozzarella. And the sauce! Sweet and seed-speckled—slightly chunky. Served steaming in a tea cup on a saucer. It's soup-worthy,... More

'$5 Is Too Much for Burnt Pizza at Di Fara!'

[Photograph: Always Hungry] Always Hungry's Arthur Bovino has a bone to pick with Di Fara and its burnt slices: Two 'slice' pies were made, and overcooked. The oil separated (before Dom's signature drizzle), the cheese turned orange, and two-thirds of the crust's rim was charred. The final scattering of grated cheese resembled a masking, not the pleasant accent it can be. Worse, when three patrons lifted slices plate to mouth, the upskirt was black as the coal used in Frank Pepe's ovens. But you can't just go on sight. Right? This was once. Right? What about when pies are... More

'Always Hungry' Disappointed After Revisiting La Pizza Fresca

The blog Always Hungry visited La Pizza Fresca, the first New York City pizzeria to really stress its Neapolitan bone fides (it was the first joint in the city to receive certification from the Vera Pizza Napoletana association) to see how it held up after all the high-profile Naples-stilo openings as of late. After doing a pie-by-pie tasting, the folks there didn't like it: Of course, the real draw of a Neapolitan style pizza is the thin crust, and La Pizza Fresca’s limp, chewy base was dangerously close to that of Franny’s, a problem with every pie. Ooh, and... More

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