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Poll: Yellow Cheese on Pizza - Way or No Way?

Quick Bites Adam Kuban 11 comments

A few new places have popped up in Richmond [Virginia]. One puts cheddar on its quattro formaggi, and the other puts American cheese on its. What's up with that? I'm no pizza purist, but there is just something weird and wrong about yellow cheese on a pizza. I don't know, maybe on a taco pizza? Maybe.

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Daily Slice: Breakfast Pizza from J&J South Philly Pizza

Daily Slice Hawk Krall Post a comment

Almost every pizzeria in South Philly offers a breakfast pizza. At first, I assumed that these pies would be regular pizzas with eggs and maybe bacon or sausage thrown on top. So one hungover Sunday morning I ordered a small plain breakfast pizza ($4.95) at J&J South Philly Pizza. More

Philadelphia: Cacia's Bakery Pizzaz Pizza

Maggie Hoffman 13 comments

Over on Drawing for Food, Serious Eats contributor Hawk Krall tastes the Pizzaz Pizza at Cacia's Bakery on W. Ritner Street in Philadelphia. More

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