'Angelo's Coal-Fired Pizza' on Serious Eats

Daily Slice: Angelo's, Cambridge

For this side of Harvard Square, Angelo's has cornered the solid and cheap $1.75 hunkin' slice of pie market. The cheese is pretty run-of-the-mill, but gooey, salty, and well-proportioned. Concentrated tomato flavor seems the product of a long cooked sauce with herbs incorporated on the front end of the equation. The crust has a nice and sturdy, but thin bottom, while the outer edges expand into breadier territory. More

Angelo's Pizza, Midtown

We were in Midtown in the 50s taking in the last day of an exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art. But I also wanted to take in some pizza while I was there. Where to go? With the Modern on 53rd and a hoard of mediocre good-enough-for-lunch slices surrounding it, I thought I was sunk. And then I remembered Angelo's Pizza, a coal-oven place on 57th Street, between Sixth and Seventh. And as I've never really done much about the place on Slice, I figured it was time for a revisit. I'd been a number of times when... More

Coal-Oven Pizzerias in New York City

Adam, Any idea just how many pizza ovens in NYC are heated with coal? Mahalo, E.J.F. Dear E.J.F., I know you've emailed a couple times about this, and my apologies for the delayed response—things have been busy at the Slice–Serious Eats office. Anyway, off the top of my head, here are all the ones I can think of. Readers, if I've forgotten any, do let me know in the comments. Hasta la pizza, Adam... More

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