'Anna Maria Pizza' on Serious Eats

Daily Slice: Anna Maria, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

The plain slice at Anna Maria is OK. It's decently balanced — not too saucy, not too cheesy, not too bready. It's not overly sweet on the sauce nor does the sauce have that much flavor. It's just the sort of middle-of-the-road pizza that seems to serve its purpose admirably -- feeding late-night revelers on their way to or from the bars. More

That's Amore: Hot Times on Bedford Avenue

Because even grease-stained wretches need love, too, Slice wades waist-deep into the plaintive muck of Craigslist's Missed Connections in search of pizza-related longing. Such is the swamp of love that spawns That's Amore. —The Mgmt. [Photograph: Adam Kuban] you said I was beautiful..anna marias pizza - w4m - 22 (bedford ave): "This was on a Thursday night maybe 3 weeks ago, at anna marias on bedford across from the charleston. We sat down at the same time, and both made awkward glances at eachother the whole time. As you got up to leave you came over to me and said... More

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