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Artichoke Basille's Frozen Pizza

As you may have read last week, the Artichoke Basille boys, Francis Garcia and Sal Basille, have partnered with A&P on an Artichoke-branded line of frozen pizzas. According to the company's press release, all A&P stores and its subsidiaries (Waldbaum's, Food Emporium, Pathmark) should be carrying the pies now. I was one of the first to highlight Artichoke on this site back in early 2008, so you know I'd be there to grab a frozen pizza or six to test out for you. More

The 10 Best Pizzas in NYC

When deciding on this list, certainly history, setting, and pedigree had an impact, but in the end, it was all about the flavor. We didn't care whether the joint was 80 years old, or 8 months old, as long as they served a tasty pie. And here they are. Our favorite pizzas in the city. A mix of the old, a mix of the new, a representation of most of the boroughs, a bit of something delicious for everyone. More

Chelsea: A First Look at Artichoke Basille's West

Please welcome Maggie Hoffman to the Slice fold. She's going to be helping out and hanging out here more and more. —The Mgmt. [Photographs: Maggie Hoffman] Artichoke Basille's 114 Tenth Avenue, New York NY 10011 (at 17th Street; map); 212-792-9200; artichokepizza.com Pizza Style: New York–style Oven Type: Gas The Skinny: New sit-down pie joint in the Meatpacking District Price: Pies around $17 "The media doesn't know we're open yet," our waitress told us conspiratorially. Still, most of the tables at the new Tenth Avenue branch of Artichoke Basille's were full of customers late last week. Media or no, word has... More

Openings: Artichoke Basille's West Side and New Grimaldi-Helmed Operation

The Eater NY has a couple good pieces of intel today. First, that Artichoke Basille's will open a West Side operation in the old Red Rock West Saloon space on Tenth Avenue and 17th Street. It'll be a sit-down restaurant, which is a little scary, seeing as how the original location on 14th Street near First is notorious for service—and that's take-out only. Second, that Patsy Grimaldi is looking to open a new coal-oven place to be called Juliana's. The Eater item doesn't mention where Grimaldi might open, only that he's looking for a space.... More

Are Artichoke Basille's Sicilian Slices Shrinking?

[Photograph: Kathy YL Chan] Wish I would have caught this earlier, but here you go. From September 15, Kathy YL Chan notices that the Sicilian slices seem to be shrinking at Artichoke Basille's: About a month ago, I started to notice that the slices (I can only vouch for the Sicilian) were smaller with each visit. I guess it's only something you notice if you order the exact same thing at the exact same place multiple times a week. Price remains the same of course. It's scary how quickly change has settled in—hopefully the shrinkage will stop in due... More

Motorino, Artichoke Basille's Win 'Time Out New York' Eat Out Awards

Motorino's Margherita pizza. Time Out New York held its Eat Out Awards last night, with a couple pizza categories. The magazine's web editors live-blogged it: Best new artisanal pizza: Motorino, "for its Neapolitan pièce de résistance: a charred crust that’s airy yet elastic, sweet tomato sauce, and gooey pools of fior di latte mozzarella." Best new pizza: Artichoke. "Said the Artichoke boys, 'We thought we lost. We want to thank our grandmother and grandfather. We thank our customers for making us No. 1. Pizza is in our hearts and in our veins!'"... More

More Artichoke Craziness, But the Truth Hammer Rests

The velvet bag where the Truth Hammer is kept. Red, naturally. Sometimes the mere threat of overwhelming power is more effective than the indiscriminate use thereof. This holds for the Truth Hammer, as well. Therefore, I'm only glancing in the general direction of this trusty Slice device as I write. The Truth Hammer will remain in its velvet bag as I point out the words of Village Voice guest blogger Haily Eber (my emphasis): The Artichoke Slice at Artichoke Basille's Pizza & Brewery was recently featured in Time Out's "100 Best..things we ate and drank this year" and hailed... More

Artichoke Basille's Artichoke Slice a 'New Classic'?

Say wha, Time Out New York? It's hammer time! It's that time of year. The annual year-end round-ups are coming fast and furious. (Don't worry, homeslices, I'm workin' on them myself.) Today, Time Out New York drops its lists. For the most part, they're pretty solid. But I just had to reach in to the ol' Slice Bag o' Tricks and pull out the rusty but trusty Truth Hammer. See that nonsense above? The weekly magazine is naming Artichoke Basille's signature artichoke slice a "new classic." Please. We love the Artichoke regular and square slices, even if they are... More

Vice Magazine on Di Fara Pizza (and Others)

Vice magazine released a New York City guide last week, and on it, they cover pizza. (You have to cover pizza if you're releasing any type of NYC food guide.) Here's what they say: Local food bloggers bicker over whether this Midwood pizza parlor is clean or dirty (truth: it’s pretty dirty) or whether it is running on fumes nowadays or whether watching an old guy futz with their pizza is kind of patronizing. We, however, aren’t food bloggers and couldn’t give a shit. If you’re in this town to eat pizza, Di Fara should be on your list.... More

Visiting New York City? 7 Must-Eat Pizzas You Should Try

In mid June, Slice reader Lance Roberts emailed me, asking if I'd help him complete his pizza itinerary. He was visiting New York City from Los Angeles, and he wanted to pack in as much pizza as he could--but only the best. I gave him some recs. He came, he ate, and then he wrote. What follows is a wonderful tale of 2.5 days of pizza mania. Buon appetito! --The Mgmt. An NYC Pizza Tour from an LA Perspective As a Los Angeleno who grew up in Detroit, it's a little odd that I love pizza so much. Neither city... More

Dear Slice: 'The Curious Tale of Artichoke Continues'

Clicking in to the Slice inbox tonight, we've got a field report from Nick "Beef Aficionado" Solares: The curious tale of Artichoke continues. I walked by today around 12:30 p.m., shutter was up, there was a guy inside, but they were closed--no pizza anywhere in sight. Walked back at 5:30 p.m. and one of those cute little paper-plate signs was posted saying that they would open "for dinner." Walked by again at 9 p.m. and the shutter was down completely. Here's a photo (from my pocketpc/phone, hence the poor quality). Cheers, Nick... More

First Look: Artichoke Basille's Crab Slice

Upper left claw quadrant: The crabby crab slice. Photograph by Alaina Browne Remember we mentioned the new crab slice at Artichoke Basille's yesterday? Well, my coworker Alaina Browne went and grabbed one last night on her way home. (Thanks, Alaina!) Here's what she said: "I am not a fan of Artichoke pizza. The crust—it's really thick, and it's hard. The wait was 30 minutes. I just don't like it. And the crab pizza? It was gross." 328 East 14th Street, New York NY 10003 (East Village; map); 212-228-2004... More

New Crab Pizza Joins Menu at Artichoke Basille's

Eater reports that Artichoke Basille is serving a new pie. This would be no big deal at a place like Ray's, but at a joint that only has three types of pizza (regular pie, Sicilian, and special artichoke-spinach pie), it represents a 33 percent increase in menu density and now accounts for 25 percent of all items on offer. Says Eater, "... they were smearing a delicious looking pink sauce on a pie. Upon further investigation, it appears they have unveiled some sort of a crab dip pizza." A call to Artichoke confirms that it is indeed a crab-topped pie,... More

'New York Sun' on Artichoke Basille's

Photograph courtesy of The Beef Aficionado When it rains, it pours, huh? The New York Sun writes about Artichoke this morning, as well. I knew this story was coming out, since I was quoted in it, I just didn't think we'd get hit with two Artichoke Basille items today. The thrust of the Sun piece is that Artichoke is one of the few pizzerias holding down the fort when it comes to good slices in Manhattan and that people are nuts for it. Mr. Connolly, a New Jersey native, said the best pizza is typically from the Garden State... More

Alan Richman Reviews Artichoke Basille's

I love Alan Richman's write-up on Artichoke Basille's, the East Village newcomer that has been more than well-documented on this site. Richman, known for just a bit of cantankerousness, gets in almost 500 curmudgeonly words (long, mismanaged line; shabby digs; annoying patrons) before coming out with it: He likes it. He really likes it. "This is ordinary pizza," he says. "It’s also fabulous pizza." He digs the fact that the place is free of pretense, "No flour from an ancient fattoria in Tuscany. No basil smuggled in from a dissident farmer’s market in Croatia. No fanatical obsessiveness." Of the three... More

FDNY Visits Artichoke

And it wasn't for the pie, folks. From reader "RC Pizza": Adam, Just wanted to let you know that New York's Bravest were called to Artichoke tonight due to the copious amounts of smoke bellowing out of the storefront at about 8:45 last night. I was standing in line for about 20 minutes when the store suddenly filled up with smoke. It was no doubt due to the liberal throwing of flour directly into the oven to ensure the pizzas didn't stick to the stone. Apparently these guys need to be taught a thing or two, because after you douse... More

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