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A Pizza Snob's Approach To Toppings

J. Kenji López-Alt 107 comments

As a writer for the people, I often try and suppress my inner pizza snob. I try and pretend that all pies are created equal, and that there is goodness to everything on a crust. Sometimes I even manage to convince myself. After all, if tens of thousands of people enjoy eating buffalo chicken pizza, there's got to be something good about it that I'm missing, right? Well today, I'm letting diplomacy take a little breather and laying out a few of my hard and fast ground rules about pizza toppings. More

Watch the Toppings Move on This Strange Chinese Pizza

Adam Kuban 2 comments

The undulating ribbons on this Chinese pizza are hanakatsuo, thinly shaved slices of katsuobushi, or dried, fermented, skipjack tuna. Per Wikipedia:

When hanakatsuo is added as a topping to a hot dish, the steam has the effect of making the flakes move as if dancing; because of this, katsuobushi topping is also known as dancing fish flakes.

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