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Nino's Pizza: A Bay Ridge Gem

There is no gold standard when it comes to the ingredient proportionality of a pizza. At Nino's, the tilt is toward tomato. Nino's makes excellent pizza in a neighborhood filled with pizzerias. It would take several visits to hit them all. Without question, Nino's is a good place to start. More

Daily Slice: Pizza Wagon, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Little did I know, more than 10 years ago, that the late-night slices I was eating from Pizza Wagon in Bay Ridge were better than average. Far better than average, in fact. With their not too greasy slick of surface oil; their thinner-than-average, crisp-pliant crust; and their bright-orange well-balanced mix of cheese and sauce, these slices flew out of the oven and into my mouth, day after day and, perhaps more accurately, night after night. More

Elegante Pizzeria: A Slice of Bay Ridge

Elegante Pizzeria 6922 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11209 (Bay Ridge/Ovington avenues; map); 718-745-9715 Pizza Style: New York Oven Type: Gas Price:Slice $2.25 Bay Ridge has changed a lot since Tony and Phil Varvara bought Elegante Pizzeria in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. That was back in the early 1980s, but Elegante actually dates back to 1960. For the first two decades of the pizzeria's existence Bay Ridge had little demographic turnover and was populated by a mix of Italian and Greek immigrants. These days the strip of Fifth Avenue is increasingly populated by Lebanese/Arab immigrants and their first-generation children. Kebab houses... More

Peppino's Hybrid Calzone-Pizza, Bay Ridge

After reading about the calzone-pizza hybrid at Peppino's in Bay Ridge, I had to get my greasy little hands on one. So I found myself on the R train this weekend, heading for the 77th Street Station. Walking in, I sheepishly asked for the thing. "I read about it in the Daily News; do I really need a password for it." "No, that's just a joke," the waitress said. "Is it just for you?"... More

Password-Protected Pizza Hybrid Available at Peppino's in Bay Ridge

A crazy item in the New York Daily News yesterday that I meant to link to, so you get it today. Apparently Peppino's in Bay Ridge is making a crazy hybrid calzone-pizza that you need a password to order: The Third Avenue pizzeria has been serving a pizza-calzone hybrid for the last few months, a flat three-slice pie that rises on one half like a stuffed calzone, with sausage and ricotta."People [were] confused," said owner Joe Mancino. "They didn't know what they wanted. They want pizza? They want calzone? They don't know. This is the best of both worlds." To... More

Openings: Zio Toto

The Daily News notes that southern Brooklyn is bucking the nationwide trend toward chain restaurants and focuses on the opening of Zio Toto, an upcoming brick-oven joint in Bay Ridge. Here's the News: Southern Brooklyn's apparent insulation from the national trend of franchise pizza joints squeezing out mom-and-pops may in part be due to the downright hostility many locals feel toward their corporate counterparts.John Miniaci Jr. of Johnny's Pizza in Sunset Park, whose father, John Sr., founded the neighborhood pizzeria in 1968, even started a petition drive in hope of blocking the opening of a Papa John's franchise outlet from... More

Dear Slice: I Have a Slight Complaint About SliceNY.com

It's not always chocolate and kisses from the readers of Slice, but that which doesn't kill us ... Here's from the Slice mailbag. Dear Slice, I was looking at the page you dedicated to Bay Ridge pizza. You spent so much time on Lento's (which, believe me, I miss terribly) that you left out the regular Bay Ridge Brooklyn pizza that everyone loves so so so much! Lento's is (or was) a specialty. It was special thin-crust pizza that you could only get by the pie and could only get there. There is a pizzeria on every other corner, and... More

Bay Ridge Pizza Contest

Brooklyn Democrats for Change, a Bay Ridge political group, will be hosting the Second Annual Best Pizza in Bay Ridge Contest tomorrow night (04/27) at 8 p.m. at the Pour House on the corner of 79th Street and Third Avenue. 79th and Third in Brooklyn, that is. Tix: $35 at the door. Here's the press release: Pizza is the soul food for every Bay Ridgite, but which pizza parlor offers the best slice? Last year Brooklyn Democrats For Change had a pizza tasting for its annual fundraiser and it was such a hit that it’s being repeated, on Thursday, April... More

'Daily News': Lento's Closed

In a story headlined "The unkindest slice of all," the New York Daily News reports on the reasons behind Lento's closing: declining business and what seems to be a family dispute. [Linda] Cahill's grandfather, Eugene Lento, turned the space into a pizzeria 73 years ago after the speakeasy he ran began losing dough at the end of Prohibition.Upon his retirement, Lento handed the business to sons-in-law Anthony Tortora and Herbert Connors, and in 1988 Cahill and three others took over.Lento's daughter, Mary Lento, inherited the building at 7003 Third Ave. when Lento died in 2002."My grandfather reassured us there... More

Closings: Lento's

We heard some scuttlebutt late last week about Lento's closing. Bay Ridge Blog offers more supporting evidence: "Went past Lento's tonight, and it was closed at 7:30 p.m. And the word Lento's was cut out of the awning. I hope that they have not closed. That would be awful." Operating as a pizzeria since 1933, the place was a neighborhood favorite and, for some, a destination pizzeria. When I lived in Bay Ridge after first moving to New York City, Lento's was easily a once-a-week affair for me. So here's to Lento's, R.I.P. Slice will pour some on the... More

Short Takes: Pizza

Premiering tonight at 9 p.m. on the Discovery Times channel is Short Takes: Pizza, a documentary about "America's favorite food." From what I understand, it's a British-based production, but part of it was filmed here in New York City in Brooklyn's Bay Ridge neighborhood. Rocco's, on Fifth Avenue and 79th Street, will be featured. There's going to be a debate on Chicago- vs. New York–style pizza, and Rocco's will get a "pizza makeover." Hey, as long as Ty Pennington's not involved with the makeover, I'm there. For those of you who can't catch the airing tonight, it will repeat several... More


I can't help it. After five years of living in New York City, the first two of those in Bay Ridge, I can't help but mentally utter "THE FRESHMAYKAH" after hearing, or thinking of, the name Lento's. Lento's (THE FRESHMAYKAH!) is a Bay Ridge institution, having stood on the corner of Third Avenue and 70th Street since 1933. When I called the Ridge home, Lento's was my go-to spot for whole pies, despite the 20-block round-trip walk. (It's eat in or carry out; no delivery.)... More

Brooklyn Democrat Group To Host Pizza Contest

The Bridge and the Ridge: When you live in or visit Bay Ridge, there's almost no escaping a view of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge (above left), but who'd want to. The Pour House, on the corner of 79th Street and Third Avenue—this reporter's former stamping grounds—will host a pizza contest Tuesday evening. Bay Ridge–based political club Brooklyn Democrats for Change will be sponsoring a contest to find the best pizza in its neighborhood on Tuesday, April 26. Anyone interested in pizza or change—or both—will want to head to the Pour House (7901 Third Ave., at 79th St.) at 6 p.m.... More

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