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Berkeley, California: Solid New York-Style Slices with a California Twist at Gioia Pizzeria

Slice: San Francisco David Kover 8 comments

Tucked away in North Berkeley, Gioia Pizzeria is serving slices like those owner Will Gioia remembers from his Brooklyn youth—though it's doubtful Gioia was ever served a slice of pizza with asparagus and mint at his corner slice shop back in NYC. More

Tempura-Fried Pizza at Sumo Grub, Berkeley, California

Slice: San Francisco David Kover 12 comments

On some of Sumo Grub's dishes, the tempura-fried exterior actually elevates the final product. On others, such as the pizza, it feels more like a stunt. But if that stunt earns you a plate of fried goodies, it's not all bad. More

Slice's Bay Area Pizza Map

Adam Kuban 20 comments

View Pizza - Bay Area in a larger map

Above are all the pizzerias we have reviewed or Daily Sliced. It is by nature incomplete — but growing! Let us know where else we need to hit!


Top This: The Cheese Board's Mushroom, Onion, Mozzarella, Ricotta Salata, Arugula and Lemon Vinaigrette Pizza

Top This Kelly Bone 20 comments

The Cheese Board Pizza Collective may be the only pizzeria capable of perfection by committee. At this co-op kitchen there's no boss, no underlings, no master pizzaiolo. Everyone's opinions and preferences get equal attention, resulting in incredible topping concepts. For this edition of Top This, we learn how to make their addictive mushroom-, onion- and arugula-topped pizza. More

Oakland: Zachary's Makes Good Stuffed Pizza But with a Lackluster Crust

Slice: San Francisco Seth Mazow 11 comments

Zachary's Pizza is an East Bay icon, specializing in stuffed pizza. The pan starts with a layer of dough, followed by a hefty layer of mozzarella and toppings. Another thin layer of dough is added on top of the cheese and goodies before the robust sauce covers it all. While the cheese is hearty and the sauce is rich, I found the crust at Zachary's to be a bit disappointing. More

San Francisco: Pizza at Blondie's Doesn't Justify the Crowds

Slice: San Francisco David Kover 24 comments

Blondie's Pizza embraces their flower power pedigree, choosing toppings that pizza purists might find distinctly psychedelic—and not always in the good trip sort of way. Though I'm no purist, I struggled with the toppings, and finding them layered on top of a disappointing crust left me slightly aghast at the droves of customers who choose Blondie's over other local slice shops. More

Berkeley, California: Bobby G's Pizzeria

Brad Japhe 5 comments

Please welcome Brad Japhe (Diehard Nation) to the Slice fold. (Or should I say "fold hold"?) Brad will be around periodically with pizza reviews from around the Bay Area. His first is from this joint in Berkeley that reminds Mr. Japhe of where he grew up--NYC--but that has one distinct advantage ... burp!. Take it away, Brad! —The Mgmt. [Photographs: Brad Japhe] Bobby G's Pizzeria 2072 University Avenue, Berkeley CA 94704 (near Shattuck; map); 510-665-8866; bobbygspizzeria.com Pizza style: Pizzelle fritte/montanare, Neapolitan, Sicilian, and New York–style Great beer and great pizza—is there really a better combination? Probably, but I doubt it's... More

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