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Bollini's Pizzeria Making Worthy Neapolitan Pies in Monterey Park, California

Trembling like a teenager in anticipation of his first kiss, I got in my car and headed in an easterly direction on the Santa Monica Freeway. Unlike a teenager, however, I was anticipating that Bollini's Pizzeria, out in Monterey Park of all places, would satisfy my now desperate craving for great pizza. Up till now, every pizzeria that has been touted as awesome here in California has left me seriously disappointed. Nevertheless, the hype about Bollini's fired my hopes. Signor Christiano Bollini, born and bred in Monterey Park, a predominantly Chinese suburb of Los Angeles, had trained in Naples,... More

Reader Recommended: Bollini's Pizzeria in Monterey Park, California

Editor's note: I had an email exchange last week with a Serious Eats reader coming to New York from L.A. The gist: "The airline food ain't gonna cut it for the flight back west. What uniquely New York snacks should I bring on board that will travel well?" (Unfortunately, I couldn't recommend pizza for that.) Long story short, I asked her how far she was willing to go for good snacks for the plane. Her answer included some good L.A. pizza intel. —The Mgmt. Christiano Bollini, pizzaiolo at Bollini's Pizzeria, a wood-oven Neapolitan-style joint in Monterey Park, California. Photograph from... More

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