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How to Teach Your Kids About Good Pizza

In a recent New Yorker book review of Raising the Perfect Child Through Guilt and Manipulation, Macy Halford boils down the book's central tenet: So how do you put the philosophy into practice? First, become fluent in the language of groupthink, and use it to invite your child to examine things critically as a member of a team: "'Can you believe they have the nerve to call this pizza? This doesn't even come close to __________' (fill in the blank with the name of your favorite pizzeria)." I think the Slice family, of which you are all part (awwww, warm... More

'The Devil's Food Dictionary' Definition of 'Pizza'

Earlier today on the burger site, I excerpted a definition the "hamburger" from The Devil's Food Dictionary, a wickedly witty little book coming out in early September. Naturally, I turned to the entries concerning pizza, as well. There are three: pizza, "pizza," and pizza cutter. I like what author Barry Foy writes about "pizza." (The quotation marks are his and are intentional.) "Pizza": A baked pastry resembling Pizza, ubiquitous on college campuses. "Pizza" consists of 1) a flat, breadlike disk, dressed with 2) a "Sauce," usually the color of tomatoes, and 3) any number of "toppings" made of "Ingredients." The... More

'Pizza Corpse' Book Launch

I took some art history courses in college. Did they prepare me for this? Pizza Corpse is an exquisite framing of the artist's nostalgia, social and cultural associations; interest in the grotesque, hygiene and self-image, corporal perturbations, and any other greasy subject related to these concerns in and out of the box. All of the featured artists are Yale School of Art graduate students or recent graduates, who grinningly pulled the book's topic out of a hat. This strategy not only introduced a re-examination of Fluxus terms for the compilation, but it also served as a method to display contemporary... More

Book Report: 'Everybody Loves Pizza'

With a cover reminiscent of a retro pizza box and contents almost as tasty as the real thing, Everybody Loves Pizza, by Penny Pollack and Jeff Ruby, has earned a place on the Slice Bookshelf. Full disclosure: I know one of the authors. Mr. Ruby and I were in the same journalism program at university. Still, that didn't stop me from turning a critical eye on this book. In fact, my initial reaction when hearing about it was, "Oy! Another pizza book!? What more can be said?" Fortunately, Penny and Jeff find plenty new to say, particularly with some interesting... More

We Pledge Allegiance

Wednesday night, this site's editor in chief and I finally caught up with Jim Leff, who decided to stop by (well, near) our place of business for a little chat at Coliseum Books. Good thing it wasn't the other way around, because the much-admired food sleuth does his business seemingly in every corner of the tri-state area. What a treat to talk turkey (well, not exactly) with Mr. Leff, whose populist spirit for a better way of eating infused the room with endless possibilities for elevating the way we eat. Mr. Leff, who wears a hound mask to protect... More

Through the Heavens: Ed Levine on the Airwaves

Ed Levine continues his media blitzkrieg. The food writer and author of the recently released book Pizza: A Slice of Heaven appeared on Fresh Air with Terry Gross yesterday, talking about—what else?—pizza. Click here to listen to the segment. (Windows Media or Real player required.) Mr. Levine discusses "pizza cognition theory" (how your first slice of pizza shapes your pizza world view from that moment forth), coal- and wood-fired ovens, and why you can't bake a stellar pizza at home, among other things pizzarific. Slice will publish a review of Mr. Levine's book within the next few days. Stay... More

Book Report: 'American Pie'

Last Friday I mentioned briefly that one of the guests at the Slice One-Year Anniversary, Joe S., won a book in the raffle drawing we had. That book was a copy of American Pie (right), by Peter Reinhart. Slice received its copy of this book from GirlyNYC, proprietor of Hottpants, a blog about panties (see: There really is a blog for everything!). Ms. Girly thought American Pie would be right up our alley, and it was. (Many thanks to her!) We liked it so much that we knew it'd be the perfect door prize. * American Pie is an account... More

Required Reading: 'Perfection Pizza'

That's When I Reach for My Thermometer Fire it up: Grimaldi's, whose oven is pictured above, is one of the few New York City pizzerias using coal as a fuel. Though some amazing pizzas have come from regular gas-fired ovens, a coal oven is capable of producing a crust like no other. My dear pizza pupils, it's been a while since we've given you a reading assignment. Lucky for you, the required material on our syllabus does not require you to take a test, and it's actually fun to read—especially this particular selection. Recently, while conducting web-assisted research on coal-oven... More

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