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Pizza Protips: Kneading - Converting Recipes to the Stand Mixer

What if you just found a recipe for a really interesting dough, but the instructions aren't written for your beloved stand mixer? Say you don't have a food processor or you don't want to knead by hand. Don't worry—you can convert the recipe. The two things that might change are the amount of time you knead and the order you add ingredients. More

Pizza Protips: Kneading, Man vs. Machine

Can a food processor or mixer replace kneading by hand? Using a machine to do your kneading changes the final product. While a food processor or a stand mixture does a fine job of developing the gluten in dough, neither one of them perfectly mimics the motion of hand-kneading. There are a few other differences as well. More

Pizza Protips: Is It Ready Yet?

When it comes to yeasted dough recipes, the one measuring tool that's least useful is the clock. To fine-tune the timing there are other ways to tell whether your pizza or bread dough is ready to move on to the next stage. More

Pizza Protips: Additions to Your Dough

While pizza purists among us might say that adding anything except the basic ingredients to pizza dough is wrong, sometimes the urge to experiment gets in the way of tradition. If you're going to start flinging things into your pizza dough, you might as well do it armed with a little bit of knowledge about what might happen. More

Pizza Protips: Fat

Fat isn't required in bread dough, and some might say that it doesn't belong at all in pizza dough. Whether—or when—you use it is up to you. But since it's so common in so many doughs, today we'll discuss the role fat plays in yeasted doughs. More

Pizza Protips: Pre-Ferments

Maybe the thing I like best about breadmaking is that it accommodates my lazy, forgetful, procrastinating self. Good bread can't be rushed. Great bread likes to hang around and chill. It likes to loaf just as much as I do. More

Pizza Protips: Sugar

Sugar is an oft-misunderstood ingredient in dough. Some people believe that it's necessary to include sugar to feed the yeast. In truth, yeast is perfectly happy munching on flour. On the other hand, sugar plays several roles in dough besides that of yeast-food. Like salt, it's a flavor enhancer. Sugar helps create a fine crumb and also tenderizes dough. More

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