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From the Freezer: Dressing Up the CPK BBQ Chicken Pizza

Frozen Pizza Meredith Smith 12 comments

In the last installment of From the Freezer, we explored the California Pizza Kitchen's Margherita. This time, we take the BBQ Chicken to task and find a few ways to best their "best recipe". More

From the Freezer: California Pizza Kitchen's Margherita

Frozen Pizza Meredith Smith 15 comments

Slice has had a fair amount of frozen pizza coverage over the years, and yet to date California Pizza Kitchen has escaped close scrutiny. Although toppings have a lot of draw with the CPK fan base, the Margherita, whether fresh or frozen, is a tell-all. So what did CPK's tell? More

Chain Reaction: California Pizza Kitchen

Chain Pizza John M. Edwards 12 comments

CPK's newest pie is the Habanero Carnitas pizza. It features "slow-roasted pulled pork, red onions, cilantro pesto, mozzarella and Queso Quesadilla cheese with spicy habanero salsa." I love pork, so I'll admit I was slightly excited at the prospect of my own 13-inch pork covered pizza. More

No More CPK for Michelle Obama

Quick Bites Adam Kuban 2 comments

"Mrs. Obama, a creature of the South Side and of habit, has spent nearly every Saturday for the past 10 years with the same two friends and their collective brood of children, lately at a local California Pizza Kitchen where the group hashes over their weeks together. Now all of that must change." [New York Times]... More

Recipe: Jack-O-Lantern Pizza

Kerry Saretsky Post a comment

According to the California Pizza Kitchen Family Cookbook, this recipe is "pumpkin pie on a pizza crust." This little jack-o-lantern gives a new life to the phrase "pizza pie," and from one pizza and pie lover to another, why not? Cute for kids, playful for adults. It’s time for some face on your pie, instead of a pie in your face. And now you have the recipe to the famous CPK honey-wheat crust.... More

Ed LaDou, California Pizza Pioneer, Dies at 52

Adam Kuban 4 comments

Ed LaDou—the pioneer of California-style pizza, the man behind Wolfgang Puck's Spago pizzas and the original California Pizza Kitchen menu, and the owner of Caioti Pizza Café in Studio City, California—died on December 27, 2007, of cancer in Santa Monica. From the Los Angeles Times obituary: In January 1982, Spago opened with LaDou as pizza chef, carrying out the visions of Puck. There was pizza topped with smoked salmon and pizza topped with duck sausage. Puck also allowed LaDou to select toppings. "It was like being an artist who'd worked with 10 colors all of his life and then got... More

California Pizza Kitchen

Chain Pizza Ed Levine 2 comments

I have had a number of pizzas at CPKs all over the country in the last ten years, and though the pizza was never better than acceptable, I wasn't prepared for just how awful the pizza would be when I went into the only Manhattan location for a late lunch. We ordered the pizza that made CPK founders Rick Rosenfeld and Larry Flax rich and almost famous, the Original BBQ Chicken pizza, and a Margherita, described on the menu as authentic thin-crust pizza made with both aged and fresh mozzarella. The toppings on the Original BBQ Chicken pizza—smoked Gouda, red... More

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