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Cambridge, MA: All Star Pizza Bar

All Star Pizza Bar, the newest Inman Square outpost from Kosta and Johnny Diamantopoulos, sits diagonally across the street from the brothers’ All Star Sandwich Bar. Like its well-regarded, older sibling, the All Star Pizza Bar serves inventive food in a friendly and welcoming environment. (In contrast to the Sandwich Bar, which offers salads and dessert, this is a focused affair: aside from beer, sangria and soft drinks, it serves pizza and only pizza.) More

Daily Slice: Iggy's Bakery, Cambridge

If you've ever been in Boston long enough to need to buy decent bread, then you've probably run into Iggy's. But did you know that you can buy your bread straight from their Cambridge bread baking headquarters? Oh yeah. And not only that, they have trays and trays of pizza slices for sell! More

Daily Slice: Russell House Tavern, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Boston certainly has a bar pie culture, so it makes sense that Russell House Tavern, a place that focuses on "modern interpretations of American classics" and keeping it local, would have a fancied-up version. When I saw the pies billed as "Tavern Pizza" I assumed it was an eponymous listing. With toppings like figs, house made ricotta, and beef tongue—toppings I would never associate with a workingman's pie—I was totally thrown when the ultra-thin pies arrived. More

Daily Slice: Angelo's, Cambridge

For this side of Harvard Square, Angelo's has cornered the solid and cheap $1.75 hunkin' slice of pie market. The cheese is pretty run-of-the-mill, but gooey, salty, and well-proportioned. Concentrated tomato flavor seems the product of a long cooked sauce with herbs incorporated on the front end of the equation. The crust has a nice and sturdy, but thin bottom, while the outer edges expand into breadier territory. More

Daily Slice: Oggi Gourmet, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Oggi is mostly a pie and sandwich place, but you can always get a slice of pepperoni or tomato and basil, as well as a 'slice of the day'. Topping the Weird Science special was Cajun red onion, zucchini, and beef pepperoni. After seeing the paper thin zucchini slices on yesterday's Daily Slice, I decided to ignore my unadventurous inclinations and take my chances on zucchini. I regret that a little. More

Boston's Best Pizza and Beer Bargain

Newtowne's tucked just outside Porter Square in a kind of grown man's land safely equidistant from the academighetto orbits of both Harvard and Tufts. The slightly subprime location must help keep prices down a bit, but the signature pizza-and-pitcher special is notably underpriced for anywhere in Eastern Massachusetts: $11.95 gets you a (very) large pizza and a 64-ounce pitcher of PBR. More

Gran Gusto in Cambridge, Mass.: As Neapolitan As It Gets

”Is not a’ fake oven like weet legna in front and deh back is gas. Forno a legna, solo legna.” In every way, Gran Gusto is a product of Naples. That’s not just a comment on the owners of this trattoria (who hail from just outside Naples) or its menu (heavy on the eggplant, seafood, and handmade pasta). The restaurant runs on Neapolitan time. It’s a bit dysfunctional, in a way that’s endearing if you’re patient, frustrating if you’re not. Nearly all ingredients are flown over from the old country: better olive oil; higher prices. Service is competent, but aggressive—as... More

Sicilian Slice Crawl in Boston

New Yorkers may no more concede that Boston has a lively pizza scene than accept the Red Sox as the greatest team in baseball. Bostonians, of course, don’t care; their city sits squarely on what our Ed Levine has called “the pizza belt”—and from fancy-pants pies to the old-school Pizzeria Regina and Santarpiro’s, there’s plenty of good eating to be had. But what about the Sicilian? While we’ve written about the acclaimed Galleria Umberto before, more than a few commenters (and my own frequent dining companion) claimed that there were better square slices to be had. So on a... More

Best Pizza in Boston?

Where's the best pizza in Boston? Jacqueline of the Leather District Gourmet says she's found it at Emma’s, ordering a hot sausage, caramelized onion, and kalamata olive pie. It's her favorite in the Kendall Square part of Cambridge.... More

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