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Daily Slice: Lucali, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn

October! National Pizza Month! This month we'll be bringing you Daily Slice, quick snapshots of slices and pies all of us at the Serious Eats empire have been enjoying lately. —The Mgmt. [Photograph: Andrew Strenio] Two things I knew about Lucali, the New York–Neapolitan-style pizzeria in Brooklyn, before going: the wait is insane (easily an hour on an average evening) and Jay-Z and Beyoncé had been spotted there on date nights. But it's one of those NYC must-try pizzerias, so you put your name in, wait, and see what all the fuss is about. You can also call ahead to... More

Fire at Lucali; Pizzeria Closed Possibly 'One to Two Weeks'

From a tipster: "I just called Lucali to confirm their hours for tonight and learned that they had a fire last night and will be closed for repairs. The fire was apparently in the chimney and no one was hurt. They were awaiting more details on the length of the closing—possibly one to two weeks." Slice is trying to get through to Lucali's Mark Iacono for further details. Stay tuned. Sadly, this isn't the only celebrated Brooklyn pizzeria to get hit by a fire lately. Coney Island's Totonno's caught fire in mid March.... More

South Brooklyn Pizza to Go: A Fine Slice of Pizza from an Irish Bar

Wandering around Carroll Gardens with a posse of serious eaters we came across what could only be described as a pizza kiosk attached to the longstanding watering hole P. J. Hanley's. It turned out to be the slice annex of the adjoining South Brooklyn Pizza Company. Good-looking Di Fara–esque pies and slices were being made in a conventional pizza oven by a Mexican pizzaiolo, who would then hand the pizza to the P. J. Hanley's barkeep. The south-of-the-border pie man was putting three kinds of cheese—mozzarella, grana padano, and fontina—on his plain pies, along with fresh basil leaves, followed... More

South Brooklyn Pizza Now Doing Take-Out, Delivery

I know some of you are fans of this place, so for you, a message from South Brooklyn Pizza's PR flak: As a Holiday surprise In response to ongoing customer requests, South Brooklyn Pizza is slated to soft-open their new adjoining takeout/delivery annex today (Tuesday, December 16), located next to the restaurant's main entrance and sharing the same address and phone number.Two kinds of pizzas will be sold (cash only): Sicilian Margherita and Cheese Melange (mozzarella, fontina, asagio, ricotta, and pecorino, all imported from Italy) in 18-inch size—$20 each; by the slice—$3 per. Both takeout and delivery (within a 10-block... More

Where to Get Clam Pizza in NYC

Photograph from "Boppadopoulos" on Flickr New York magazine gives a rundown on where to get clam pizza in New York City: Franny's: 295 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11217 (b/n Prospect and St. Marks; map); 718-230-0221; frannysbrooklyn.comBussaco: 833 Union Street, Brooklyn NY 11217 (near Seventh Avenue; map); 718-857-8828Lombardi's: 32 Spring Street, New York NY 10012 (near Mott Street; map); 212-941-7994; firstpizza.comOtto: 1 Fifth Avenue, New York NY 10003 (corner of 8th Street; map); 212-995-9559; ottopizzeria.comFornino: 187 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11211 (at North 7th Street; map); 718-384-6004South Brooklyn Pizza: 451 Court Street, Brooklyn NY 11231 (near 4th Place; map); 718-852-6018... More

About the TVs in Sam's Windows

Another one regarding the Sam's post from Monday. Good morning! I read your post about Sam's Restaurant. Agree about the pizzas--amazing! You mentioned in your post, six TVs with reeling footage. These are part of Windows Brooklyn, the first-ever show curated like this in Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens. Sam's Restaurant is involved, as well as Margaret Palca Bakes, among many many other stores. There is an installation at Margaret Palca called Eat Your Words. But there are cookies involved. Just wanted to alert you to this so you could perhaps make readers privy to this information. The artist at... More

In Videos: Sam's Restaurant Featured in Brooklyn Documentary

Clicking into the Slice mailbag, we've got this nice note, with a great link, from M. W. --The Mgmt. I've been enjoying (and commenting upon) the recent Sam's post, and thought you might in turn like to see this video. It profiles a few Carroll Gardens establishments, talking with the proprietors, etc. There's a lot of time devoted to Sam's, mostly an interview with Louie Migliaccio [the waiter/server/busser/bartender there], but a bit with his father, Mario, who talks about making pizza. There's also the owner of D'Amico's Coffee. It's not all pizza- or food-related, but I think the majority is.... More

The 'New York Times' on South Brooklyn Pizza

South Brooklyn Pizza, as told by the New York Times: Although sometimes inconsistent, South Brooklyn’s $12 pizzas usually come from the coal-fired oven with the right amount of char on a crunchy crust, which is slightly thicker than what one might find at the end of a long wait at Di Fara.The pie is oval, slicked with olive oil and bright with San Marzano tomatoes and a nudge of basil. The cheese is predominantly fresh mozzarella, although bits of fontina and Parmesan play supporting roles. Although Kim Severson deems it "delicious," I'd advise you to go with low expectations. I've... More

Dear Slice: Di Fara Cheese Combo Clarification; Lucali May Expand, Adding Garden Seating

I took a visit out there last week and spent a considerable amount of time talking to Domenico DeMarco, 71. I was there to investigate the price spike but ended up learning a lot about the 150 or so pizzas he makes a day, such as cooking the pies at 750°F for five minutes; the use of Israeli basil and Italian flour. But there is one thing I'd like to clear up. DeMarco uses four types of cheeses--not three. There are three types of mozzarella and of course the signature Parmigiano-reggiano he hits every pie with just before serving them.... More

Is P. J. Hanley's Serving Pizza Yet?

The answer is still no. When phoned, a Hanley's staffer said, "Ummm, it may be the Friday after St. Patrick's Day now." The Hanley's watch will continue ... Previously: New Coal Oven in Carroll Gardens Update: Hanley's is now serving coal-fired pies under the name South Brooklyn Pizza just next door to Hanley's at 451 Court Street. [06/16/2008]... More

Is P. J. Hanley's Serving Coal-Oven Pizza Yet?

No: When I stopped in last night to sample a pie, the joint's pizza operation was a nonstarter. The host, who seemed a bit unsure of its status, said it may be up and running by Friday. Phone calls to Hanley's today to get a more definite status seemed to go to a fax machine there. Previously: New Coal Oven in Carroll Gardens Update: Hanley's is now serving coal-fired pies under the name South Brooklyn Pizza just next door to Hanley's at 451 Court Street. [06/16/2008]... More

New Coal Oven in Carroll Gardens: P. J. Hanley's

Update: Hanley's is now serving coal-fired pies under the name South Brooklyn Pizza just next door to Hanley's at 451 Court Street. [06/16/2008] View Larger Map Eater's reporting that old-school Carroll Gardens pub P. J. Hanley's has installed a coal oven and will begin serving pizza on Friday. Knowing that coal ovens are notoriously hard to come by and that you can't just up and put one in any damn place, I just called the bar to confirm. A member of the wait staff says, Yes, it's a coal oven(!), that it's been operational for a couple weeks, and that... More

DJ Bubbles Wishes You a Happy New Year

Isabella's Oven, 365 Grand Street, New York NY 10002 (near Essex Street; map); 212-529-5206 It's been a while since the Bubbster has had much to say about anything on this fair weblog. I've been astray for some time now, but I've found my way home. Although, I must say, it doesn't feel much like home in recent weeks. Isabella's Oven causing such an uproar on the site because of a recent dip in quality certainly isn't music to my ears. And who wants to respond to comments in CAPS from Jeff B when he suggests that Two Boots is... More

Lucali in the 'New York Times'

Lucali Address: 575 Henry Street, Brooklyn NY 11231; Carroll Gardens, b/n Carroll Street and First Place [map] Getting There: F train to Carroll Street Station; walk west to Henry; Lucali is on east side of street, about one-fourth block south of Carroll Cost: Plain pies (14-inch), $17; calzones, $7; cash only The Skinny: Using a gas-assisted wood-fired oven that he built himself, owner-pizzaiolo Mark Iacono lovingly crafts pies inspired by legendary Di Fara proprietor Dom DeMarco—with a similar high-quality three-cheese blend and the signature pour of olive oil. The New York Times checks in with a review of Lucali, the... More


After two years of preparation, Carroll Gardens newcomer Lucali opened, somewhat fittingly, on Columbus Day. Not long after, the Chowhounders started yapping about it, with most barking their approval. At the urging of Slice reader Mark H., I headed over last night to see what all the fuss was about. The joint is the creation of Mark Iacono and takes the place of a soda fountain once known for making some of the last real egg creams in Brooklyn. Locals can take comfort, however, in the fact that Mr. Iacono was raised in the neighborhood and still lives around... More

Photo of the Day: Frozen Pizza

Wishing for a warming slice, blogged to Slice from the Flickr photostream of pocketdora It's hot as the devil today. Supposed to get worse yet. But today's PotD should inspire some thoughts of cool. Sal's Pizza, corner of Court and Degraw in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. Chill out, yo.... More

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