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Pizza Obsessives: Cary and Lillian Steiner of Passion-4-Pizza.com

Pizza Obsessives Adam Kuban 8 comments

"I agree with the pizzaiolos who say if the dough is good, it almost doesn't matter what you put on it—and if the dough is bad, it almost doesn't matter what you put on it." —Cary Steiner More

My Pie Monday: Cary Steiner's Margherita Pizza from the International School of Pizza in SF

My Pie Monday Adam Kuban 3 comments

[Photograph: Cary Steiner/Passion-4-Pizza.com] Cary Steiner of Passion-4-Pizza sends this one in: I made this pizza on day two of Tony Gemignani's pizza class in San Francisco, in the wonderful 900°F oven at Tony's Pizza Napoletana. It's a 'reasonably' traditional Margherita: San Felice '00' flour, fior di latte mozzarella, wonderful tomatoes (I won't tell you what kind! I won't!), and basil. The pizza was in the oven for 90 seconds—OK, maybe 93. You had already linked to the story at http://www.passion-4-pizza.com/tony-gemignani.html, so please don't feel compelled to link; I'm just really proud of this pie! Yeah, I did link to... More

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