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Eagle Rock, CA: Casa Bianca Pizza Pie

Slice: Los Angeles Lance Roberts 27 comments

Casa Bianca Pizza Pie has been slinging pies since 1955 and carried around the "best pizza in the city" title for much of it, but is a great story and a heavy dose of nostalgia good enough to slice it in a post-Mozza L.A.? We went in to find out, and ended up in a pizza-style debate. More

Daily Slice: Casa Bianca, Los Angeles

Daily Slice Kelly Bone 3 comments

Casa Bianca got a lot of flack when Jonathan Gold called it his "favorite non-Mozza pizza in L.A." But with a hour wait at prime time, this family run pizzeria has clearly been doing something right since 1955. I went in with low expectation, but came out adamantly declaring this is the best Chicago style thin crust pizza in LA.


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