'Caturday' on Serious Eats

Caturday: Cat-Shaped Pizza

[Photograph: hale_popoki on Flickr] Thank dhorst for the above. She wrote: I saw this photo on Flickr and thought you might like it. It's called: "Pizza Mau." Have fun! Possible Caturday photo for Slice? Yes. The Flickr-er hale_popoki made it using recipes and how-tos from a book called Pizza Fun: Ten Delicious Pizzas for Children to Make!. Thanks, dhorst!... More

Caturday: Dusk and Midnight

Wooo! Caturday is back, thanks to dhorst, who says: Here are photos of two of my three cats checking out my "pizz en place," out on the deck—where I took the pics for better light. Dusk, our gray-and-white cat (aka "Little Miss Thing"), who is as bold as brass tacks, thought she might just get a lick in at the Parmigiano Reggiano. Midnight, our black cat (aka "Midi"), is two years older and has manners and chose to look closely and sniff. BTW, Little Miss Thing, who only weighs 7 pounds, stalks dogs in our neighborhood that are literally... More


[Photograph: Nick Solares] "Lady Meow Meow loves Motorino," says Nick Solares, who submitted a picture of his cat eying a brussels sprout pie to us for this week's Caturday photo. If you have a candidate for Caturday on Slice, by all means, send it in: adam@sliceny.com.... More


[Photograph: Gajbatton on Flickr] You thought I was joking last week about doing Caturday? Oh, you wish. "Abby Wants Pizza," by Gajbatton on Flickr.... More


[Photograph: Tien Mao on Flickr] I don't even know if people still do Caturday, but after seeing the photo above on my friend Tien's Flickr, I figured why the hell not? "I guess he remembers his youth," Tien writes, linking to this photo of Randolph as a kitten on a pizza box.... More

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