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Where Does Julia Roberts Eat Pizza in 'Eat, Pray, Love'? L'Antica Pizzeria Da Michele

[Photograph: Sony Pictures] Famed Naples pizzeria L'Antica Pizzeria Da Michele gets a star turn in the book-cum-movie Eat, Pray, Love, when Julia Roberts eats pizza there. Pizzeria Da Michele: Via Cesare Sersale 1, 80139, Naples, Italy (map); 081 5539204; damichele.net. [Photograph courtesy of Robert Sietsema] The scene is inspired from the following passage (after the jump) in Elizabeth Gilbert's best-selling feel-good memoir.... More

Video: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Love Singing About Pizza

Ever thought about how well pizza rhymes with Visa, Mona Lisa, and Tower of Pisa? It's just asking to be in a jingle sung by tween girls in overalls. This 1990s throwback video starring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and a few other girls, who aren't Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, starts out pretty harmless—OMG, pizza!—until they start throwing fried chicken, ice cream, a whole fish, chocolate sauce, egg foo young, and pretty much every food they can list in three minutes on the pie. They successfully create the most narsty-sounding pizza in the history of girly sleepover song sequences, ever. More

Lou Reed Loves Totonno's

Reaching in to the Slice mailbag, we've got ... Hey, Adam!I was a royal escort at Saturday's Mermaid Parade on Coney Island, where the king and queen were Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson (omg!). Lou didn't get as into the costumed spirit as some of us—I was a BP pirate, complete with oil-slicked bird on my shoulder—but he WAS wearing a Totonno's hat, and that's pretty damn Coney of him.Attached is a pic of me with Lou and Laurie, doing my best "arrrrrrrrrrrr" (but instead freaking out in a total fangirl moment). And if you look here, in the... More

Pizzeria Names All Menu Items After Ryan Adams Songs

Sticks and Stones Clay Oven Pizza in Greensboro, North Carolina, has gone and named all its menu items for songs by Ryan Adams. Pizzas include A Kiss Before I Go (tomato sauce, fried eggplant, wild mushrooms, mozzarella, carmelized garlic, fresh basil, Parmesan); New York, New York (tomato sauce, Giacomo's soppressata, arugula, fresh mozzarella, pine nuts, fresh basil, Parmesan), and To Be the One (pizza Margherita), among others. More

'Slice Harvester' Gets to Hang with Phoebe Cates

"What's that over there? Pizza?" [Still: Universal Pictures] Is there an American heterosexual male alive who went through adolescence in the '80s who does not have the pool scene from Fast Times burned into his brain? I didn't think so. Therefore I am officially jealous of Colin "Slice Harvester," who somehow met up with Phoebe Cates to go slice harvesting. Colin is more gentleman than I, as his post about the encounter masterfully walks the line between adoring Phoebe fanboy and professional pizzeria guide. Apparently, Ms. Cates's daughter, Greta, saw Slice Harvester, wanted to go along on one of... More

Dear Slice: Jimmy Kimmel Is Getting a Wood-Burning Pizza Oven

From the Slice inbox, an interesting message about Jimmy Kimmel's love of pizza. Who knew? --The Mgmt. Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel discuss pizza. NSFW--it's the "Man Show" reunited. Need I say more? Video Highlights Kimmel: "I make my own pizza." Kimmel: "Chris [Bianco] has acquired an oven for me--it's built in Houston, Texas--in fact, it's on wheels, so next time I move ... Chris apparently built a mini model of it, with fake firewood and a candle in it to simulate fire." Carolla: "It's is crazy as human beings how weired and dialed in we are that we can... More

Leftovers: The Day's Stray Links

As you may know, I was on vacation last week. I barely looked at the web. And that, ladies and gents, was AWESOME. But it also means I missed a lot of pizza news. This link dump is, therefore, loooong and may contain things you've seen already. Deal with it. —The Mgmt. Video: Albert Grande, on a pizza tour of the East Coast, finds "the next rising star of pizza" (above) in Stefan Ambrosch. [Pizza Therapy] Movies: Bruce Willis films a motion picture at Brooklyn's legendary L&B Spumoni Gardens. [Pizza Therapy] Celebs and Slices: Blake Lively (Gossip Girl) at Bleecker... More

In Videos: Jamie Pugh, Pizza Delivery Driver, Wows Audience and Judges on 'Britain's Got Talent'

In another knock-your-socks-off moment on Britain's Got Talent, part-time pizza delivery driver Jamie Pugh conquered stage fright to floor the audience and judges with his rendition of "Bring Him Home" from Les Miserables. Prior to Saturday night's performance the story on Pugh was that he had a crippling case of stage fright. The 37-year-old from Blackwood, Wales, auditioned for last season's show but couldn't muster the courage to even sing for a producer. But Wales Online reports that that's not even the half of it. Pugh's triumphant performance (judge Simon Cowell even seems to almost well up a bit... More

Top Chef's Spike Mendelsohn Opening D.C. Pizzeria

By way of Grub Street's New York Diet feature, we learn that former Top Chef contestant Spike Mendelsohn plans on opening a pizzeria in Washington, D.C.: After falafel I had a little bit of a siesta, and then dinner at Grimaldi’s. I love my pizza. I’m opening a pizzeria in D.C. in the next three or four months. I just took over the building the other day. I’m researching pizza, so I’m trying to hit up all the spots. They do a great coal-fire pizza. I had pepperoni and green peppers on it and a pitcher of beer. I love... More

'Olive Boyle': A Portrait of Susan Boyle in Pizza

scotsman.com Oh, boy. The Scotsman reports on a stunt cooked up by Liverpool bakery chain Sayers. The "Olive Boyle" pizza, a portrait of Britain's Got Talent singing sensation Susan Boyle, was created as a way to promote the company's new line of pizza. Large black olives were used for the frizzy hair, ham for the nose and bread dough balls for the necklace. For the next round of BGT, Boyle should sing a Janis Joplin adaptation: "A Little Pizza My Heart."... More

Jimmy Fallon Twitters About Getting Kicked Out of NYC Pizzeria

"@jimmyfallon Oh, I'm afraid you've started the revolution, and they're hard to stop" Late Night It looks like Jimmy Fallon went to pizzeria Posto with his family last night and was asked to leave. The drama unfolded on Twitter. I've tried to piece together the saga by reading Fallon's tweets and the conversation between him and his Twitter followers. A few notes before you start reading: For those not versed in the twitspeak, the "@username" convention is how tweeters designate that they're talking to a specific Twitter user For experience tweeters, note that this reconstructed conversation runs chronologically (or as... More

In Videos: Heidi Klum Goes Undercover in Pizza Prank

Project Runway's Heidi Klum went undercover as a pizza clerk as part of a CBS show that airs tonight called I Get That a Lot. The show puts celebrities in everyday, ordinary jobs and films how they react to customers who recognize them--or don't. As Klum tells Entertainment Tonight: "I got to be the pizza girl. I got to be someone I am normally not. I was quite rude to people. I would bite their pizza and give it to them. I would drop the dough on the floor, pick it up and use it." [Video, after the jump.... More

Martha Stewart Visits Co., Gives Jim Lahey Decorating Advice

The Martha Blog Martha Stewart, who is, unsurprisingly, a fan of pizza, visited Jim Lahey's Co., where "one can eat delicious breads, cheeses, sausages, and pizzas." Ms. Stewart has a 20-picture photo gallery embedded in her blog post, and true to form, spends almost as much time discussing the design of the dining room (three photos of its handsomely designed lamps) as she does the food. Looks like she's even collaborating with Mr. Lahey on décor: The shelves: We discussed, with the owner, what should be atop these shelves. No decision was made.The wooden tables, glass carafes, and plain... More

Beyonce Song 'If I Were a Boy' Inspired by Pizza

myspace.com/bcjean Songwriter BC Jean to the Hartford Courant: Lyrically, it took about 15 minutes. The song started because I had the title. Toby [Gad, producer] and I had written about 11 songs together over a week or two.... So we were walking through Times Square, and I said, "I wish I were a boy." ... I said, "That pizza smells really good, and I'm trying not to eat carbs, and I wish I were a boy so I didn't care." That's how the song started, and he was like, "What else would you do if you were a boy?"... More

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