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Daily Slice: The Bread-Crumb Coated Crust at Gotham Pizza

[Photo: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt] "Trust me, Kenji, you're going to like this pizza," my friend said. Words of doom, if I've ever heard them, particularly when coming from a Cypriot (they may know how to grill meat with the best of them, but they don't know pizza from posole). That was right after I'd declared our immediate neighborhood of the upper-teens in Chelsea to be devoid of great pizza (the closest I was aware of was at Suprema, a good dozen blocks away). I still stand by that claim. The pizza at Gotham Pizza is by no means great—a... More

Daily Slice: Rocco's Pizza Joint, Chelsea

Rocco's Pizza Joint is located in the heart of Chelsea, a neighborhood that has changed considerably over the last two decades. Rocco's does not appear to have felt the need to change with the times, which is not altogether a bad thing. While the signage is retro-chic and the chairs are in quirky candy colors, these appear to be the only concessions to the fancier neighborhood that has grown up around it. More

Daily Slice: Stella's Pizza Fennel Sausage Slice, Chelsea, NYC

I like that Stella's uses nice big hunks of juicy, porky, fennel-spiked sausage that are baked into the cheese layer rather than the sliced discs that other places often use that are simply thrown on top and reheated along with the rest of the slice. The sausage here doesn't fall off like those other places — and you don't have to contend with the sausage casing that a lot of those sliced-round bits have on them. More

Daily Slice: Maffei Pizza's Oft-Celebrated Grandma Slice Disappoints

Maffei Pizza's grandma slice has long been celebrated as one of the best of its form in Manhattan. I had one recently, and I have to say, I wasn't feelin' it. It's always easy to say, "Maybe they were off that day," but Maffei cranks through these slices day in, day out—it was flying out of the pan when I visited just before 1 p.m. Which is to say that they should have things down there. I would not revisit nor could I recommend. More

Donatella's: Neapolitan Pizza That May Please the Purist and Everyone Else

[Photographs: Nick Solares] Donatella's 184 Eighth Avenue, New York NY 10011 ; map); 212-493-5150 Pizza Style: Neapolitan The skinny: Straight-up fine pizza. A hearty "Recommend!" Oven Type: Wood-fired Price: Individual pies, $12 to $20 By Nick Solares and Adam Kuban | In opening a Neapolitan pizzeria in the U.S. these days, it's become de rigueur to import an oven from Naples, make a lot of noise about said oven, and enumerate your bona fides to the press. Perhaps no one in recent memory has gone as far as restaurateur Donatella Arpaia. If you've been following Slice, you know that she... More

Chelsea: A First Look at Artichoke Basille's West

Please welcome Maggie Hoffman to the Slice fold. She's going to be helping out and hanging out here more and more. —The Mgmt. [Photographs: Maggie Hoffman] Artichoke Basille's 114 Tenth Avenue, New York NY 10011 (at 17th Street; map); 212-792-9200; artichokepizza.com Pizza Style: New York–style Oven Type: Gas The Skinny: New sit-down pie joint in the Meatpacking District Price: Pies around $17 "The media doesn't know we're open yet," our waitress told us conspiratorially. Still, most of the tables at the new Tenth Avenue branch of Artichoke Basille's were full of customers late last week. Media or no, word has... More

Donatella Arpaia's Blinged-Out Pizza Oven

[Photographs: Adam Kuban] This has got to be the shiniest pizza oven in NYC — maybe the world. Slice got a sneak peek at the oven and some of the pizza to come out of it last night at Donatella's, Donatella Arpaia's soon-to-open pizzeria on 19th and Eighth in Chelsea. We'll bring you pizza pics later today, but here are a few shots of the fire-breathing beauty for those of you obsessed with such things. Earlier ... Donatella's PIzza Oven: The Build-Out » Donatella's: The Oven Is Being Cured » Video: Neapolitans Talk Pizza (While Ed Levine Antagonizes Them!) »... More

Hit-or-Miss Slices at Brick Oven Pizza 33

[Photographs: Aaron Mattis] Brick Oven Pizza 33 Multiple locations throughout New York City (map); pizza33midtowneast.com Pizza style: Classic New York slice joint Oven type: Brick oven The skinny: Flawed slices don't live up to the restaurant's pleasant atmosphere. Price: $2.75 for a plain slice We headed to Brick Oven Pizza 33 on 23rd St. near 8th Ave. with high hopes. The modest but attractive brick oven advertised on the awning was clearly visible in the afternoon sunlight, and the slices it produced looked like refined, tasty versions of New York classics. Seeing them arranged on our open air table... More

Tripe and Ramp Pizza with Shishito Peppers at Colicchio & Sons

[Photograph: Always Hungry NY] Wow. This is probably the most unlikely combination of pizza toppings we've seen in a while. Always Hungry NY tries the ramp and tripe pizza at Colicchio & Sons: "While the small strips of soft tripe almost mimic the texture of lightly cooked pieces of bacon, the flavor is almost imperceptible. (Which when you think about how wrong funky-tasting tripe can be, is not necessarily a negative)." Related: Sunday Pizza Night at Colicchio & Sons » Colicchio & Sons 85 Tenth Avenue, New York NY 10011 (at West 15th; map) 212-400-6699; colicchioandsons.com... More

Chelsea: Ovest Pizzoteca (aka Luzzo's West)

Ovest Pizzoteca (aka Luzzo's West) 513 West 27th Street, New York NY 10001 (map); 212-967-4392; ovestnyc.com Getting there: Nearest subway is the C/E at 23rd Street, and even that's a walk Pizza style: Neapolitan Oven type: Wood-fired The skinny: Luzzo's sister restaurant serves up a solid pizza and a great middday special for the lunch-starved folks working way out west in Chelsea. Price: $6 lunch special for Pizza al Portafoglio or Pizza a Cono; Margherita, $9 for 8-inch and $17 for 12-inch Now open: Ovest Pizzoteca (aka Luzzo's West), way the heck out on West 27th Street in Chelsea.... More

Sunday Pizza Night at Colicchio & Sons

Colicchio & Sons Sunday Pizza Night 85 Tenth Avenue, New York NY 10011 (at West 15th; map); 212-400-6699; colicchioandsons.com Getting there: A/C/E/L to Eighth Ave./14th St. Pizza style: Neapolitan-inspired Oven type: Wood Stone gas-fired brick oven, with some wood added The skinny: Celeb chef Tom Colicchio does "Pizza Night" on Sundays in the Tap Room of his new Colicchio & Sons. Small Neapolitan-inspired pies have a soft, tender dough with variable puffiness Price: $14 to $16 a pie A couple weeks ago chef-restaurateur and Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio opened Colicchio & Sons in the space formerly occupied by... More

Co. Company's Meatball Pizza One of Sam Sifton's Faves

[Photograph: Adam Kuban] Recently appointed New York Times restaurant critic Sam Sifton today unleashes the 11 best bites he has sampled so far in his new capacity at the paper. Co. Company makes the list: The Meatball Pizza at Co.: Jim Lahey's much debated Chelsea pizzeria is devoted almost to a fault to the excellence of its dough, as Frank Bruni sagely pointed out in his one-star review of the restaurant in the spring. But in recent months, Mr. Lahey's been dialing in his toppings and the use of his insanely hot oven; he's now putting out pies that... More

Co. Company Now Using Wood

[Photographs: log wagon, jurek d.; Jim Lahey, Adam Kuban] I just learned from Ed Levine here that Co. Company has made the move from gas-oven cooking (with some wood for accent) to all wood-fired cooking. Co. Company 230 Ninth Avenue, New York NY 10001 (at 24th; map) 212-243-1105; co-pane.com... More

Openings: Artichoke Basille's West Side and New Grimaldi-Helmed Operation

The Eater NY has a couple good pieces of intel today. First, that Artichoke Basille's will open a West Side operation in the old Red Rock West Saloon space on Tenth Avenue and 17th Street. It'll be a sit-down restaurant, which is a little scary, seeing as how the original location on 14th Street near First is notorious for service—and that's take-out only. Second, that Patsy Grimaldi is looking to open a new coal-oven place to be called Juliana's. The Eater item doesn't mention where Grimaldi might open, only that he's looking for a space.... More

Two's a Trend: Chowhounders Sink Teeth into Co. Company

Two threads have been started in the last 30 hours on Chowhound dissing Co. Company. Co. Pizza—Too Tarte: "These pizzas are more like gallettes or, at the risk of further pissing off Lahey, pissaladieres." Co. Not So Hot (Longish): "The pizza was strictly ordinary.... The previous week I had a way better pizza, handmade with the freshest ingredients, with exquisite personal service by the owner and his family in, of all places, Germany."... More

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