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Valentine's Day Pizza-Making Class in Chinatown

If you're still looking for something to give your pizza-loving Valentine, Pizza a Casa's Mark Bello is holding a pizza-making workshop tomorrow: Your day begins in Little Italy, where Mark will guide you as you shop for the finest ingredients for the pizza making to follow. Then it's off to your instructor's kitchen for proof positive that pizza making perfection is absolutely possible with a standard home oven. You'll start by making your own dough, then go step by step through the process of crafting the perfect pie. I'm tired of reading about "aphrodisiac" food each year, so I... More

Opening Soon: Brick Oven Pizzeria in Chinatown

Clicking in to the Slice inbox we got this bit of intel from Slice reader and frequent commenter Brian Preston-Campbell. Not sure if anyone else has given you any intel on this, but I was driving back into the city last night and came down Worth Street to turn left onto the Bowery. While I was waiting for my light to change, I noticed that there's a sign in the restaurant window at the corner of Worth and Bowery (in the very heart of Chinatown, mind you) that says, "Coming soon, brick oven pizzeria." I don't have any further details... More

Openings: Five New Pizza Joints for Your Amusement

A round-up in New York magazine lists. Stop me if think that you've heard this one before: Solo Pizza Address: 27 Avenue B, New York NY 10009 (East Village, near 3rd Street) Phone: 212-420-7656 Chickie Pig’s Address: 121 Ludlow Street, New York NY 10002 (LES, near Rivington) Phone: 212-254-9972 URL: chickiepigs.com With a name like Chickie Pig's, this place better be damn good. Mosco Pizza Address: 105 1/2 Mosco Street, New York NY 10013 Phone: 212-227-9150 Not for Tourists notes: "Good pizza in New York is pretty run-of-the-mill. You can get it anywhere. Anywhere, that is, except Chinatown. I’m not... More

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