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Colbert: Should We Bail Out Sbarro?

Adam Kuban 3 comments

Everyone knows the finest cheese is aged. And no cheese slice sits out longer than the ones in Sbarro. So, should we bail out Sbarro? Well they do employ almost 6,000 people in 45 states. Plus, Sbarro is a mall staple. If they go under, who's next? Spencer's Gifts? Where will America go for our farts and fart-related accessories? On the other hand, sometimes at Sbarro, the Parmesan cheese gets stuck in the shaker and won’t come out as fast as I like. So ... f--k em.... More

Heard on 'The Report' Last Night: Oreo Pizza

Adam Kuban 3 comments

"And my guest John Kao says that America has lost its lead in innovation. Clearly, he hasn't tried Oreo pizza." —Stephen Colbert... More

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