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Boulder, CO: Stellar Pies and More at Pizzeria Basta

Daniel Zemans 7 comments

The last couple of years have seen a relative flurry of top-notch pizzeria openings in Denver and Boulder. From the crisp and chewy crust to the high quality and often creative toppings, it's quite possible that Pizzeria Basta is the best of the bunch. More

Boulder, Colorado: Proto's Pizzeria Napoletana

David Kover 20 comments

Proto's Pizzeria is a mini-chain of six pizzerias in Colorado (with one location in Boise). It comes highly recommended, but when our San Francisco correspondent gave it a try on a trip through Colorado, he found himself rather disappointed. Though, he admits that maybe he didn't give it a fair shake. More

Daily Slice: Spring Vegetable Flatbread at Rioja, Denver

Daily Slice Daniel Zemans 2 comments

Chef Jennifer Jasinski takes full advantage of Spring's bounty with the Spring Vegetable Flatbread currently on the menu. The pizza includes grilled asparagus, fava beans, roasted tomatoes and pine nut pesto, fresh buffalo mozzarella and Manchego cheese, and a pea shoot salad, all atop a thick crunchy crust. There's a whole lot going on, but every single bit works well. More

Daily Slice: Sonny at Brava! Pizzeria Della Strada, Denver

Daily Slice Daniel Zemans 6 comments

Brava! Pizzeria Della Strada is run out of a mobile wood-burning pizza oven with a semi-permanent home at the base of the clock tower at 16th and Arapahoe in downtown Denver. More

Daily Slice: Margherita at Osteria Marco, Denver

Daily Slice Daniel Zemans 1 comment

Osteria Marco puts out very solid pizzas, including a Margherita that features housemade mozzarella. But the star of the show at this outpost in Chef Frank Bonanno's Denver culinary empire is the chili oil that sits on each table, patiently waiting to make everything it touches taste better. More

Is Denver the Next Big Pizza Town?

Adam Kuban 5 comments

Don't ask me why, but I used to get, and continue to get, inquiries about "the best pizza in Denver" and/or Colorado. I don't know what it is about the Mile High City that has pizza lovers asking for advice, but damn if the Centennial State isn't adding pizzerias at a good clip. Yesterday, the Denver Business Journal listed a number of new places opening there. More

Openings: Pizzeria Locale, Boulder, Colorado

Adam Kuban 9 comments

Pizzeria Locale has taken delivery on the oven you see above, a Stefano Ferrara "mobile"* oven, has it installed, and appears to be in the final stages of training staff. Self-described as "a contemporary pizzeria inspired by the traditional pizzerias of Napoli," Locale will be home to the first Ferrara oven in the state. Target opening date: "late January." [via Caleb Schiff] More

Daily Slice: Pizzeria Basta, Boulder, Colorado

Daily Slice Carey Jones 6 comments

Good pizza turns up in surprising places. In the case of Pizzeria Basta, it's a condominium complex near downtown Boulder, Colorado. It's a little tricky to find if you don't know what to look for—though the listed address is on a main drag, you've got to turn off that road onto a side street, wind your way through the condo parking lot, and look for the outdoor patio of the ground-floor restaurant. But it's not surprising that such incredible pizza emerges from the oven of Kelly Whitaker. More

Virgilio's: A Slice of New York in Denver

Daniel Zemans 14 comments

In researching pizza in Denver, I have yet to come across anyone who claims it's a great pizza city. Equally clear is that the past few years have seen a radical improvement in the local pizza scene, and Virgilio's certainly deserves some of the credit for that. More

United States of Pizza: Colorado (Denver)

United States of Pizza Pizzalicious Lauren 27 comments

Denver seems to dominate the Centennial State for the best pizza, but great pies can be found all over Colorado. Whether you are looking for vegan pizza, a New York slice or a Colorado mountain pie, you can be sure that there is a spectacular place in the colorful state for you. More

Marco's Coal-Fired Pizzeria: A Misnomered Gem in Denver

Daniel Zemans 8 comments

Daniel Zemans, our man in Chicago, checks in with another piece of intel from the road, this time from Denver. —The Mgmt. Marco's Coal-Fired Pizzeria 2129 Larimer Street, Denver CO 80205 (map); 303-296-7000; marcoscoalfiredpizza.com Pizza Style: Neapolitan Oven Type: Wood The Skinny: Colorado's only VPN-certified pizzeria with an oddly deceiving name puts out some very good pies with a variety of unique toppings Price:Pies average around $14 I have two thoughts after eating at Marco's Coal-Fired Pizzeria. First, the place serves some excellent Neapolitan pizzas with some unique topping combinations that many traditionalists would run away from. Second, because their... More

Buenos Aires Pizzeria: A Taste of Argentina in Denver

Daniel Zemans 27 comments

Daniel Zemans, our man in Chicago, checks in with another piece of intel from the road, this time in Denver. —The Mgmt. [Photographs: Daniel Zemans] Buenos Aires Pizzeria 1307 22nd Street, Denver CO 80205 (map); 303-296-6710; bapizza.com Pizza Style: Argentine Oven Type: Gas The Skinny: One of the few Argentine pizzerias in the United States has some interesting toppings combinations on a thick crust. Pizzas are good, but the empanadas and gelatos are better Price: 10-inch pies start at $10.25 Once upon a time (late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries) in a land far, far away (Italy), hundreds of thousands... More

Beau Jo's: A Rocky Mountain Original

Daniel Zemans 23 comments

When adding toppings, Beau Jo's definitely seems to take into consideration the amount of crust, because the quantities are huge. Beau Jo’s 2710 S. Colorado Boulevard, Denver CO 80222 (map); 773-275-7080‎; beaujos.com Pizza Style: Mountain style Oven Type: Gas The Skinny: Family-friendly Colorado mini-chain serves up unique mountain pies with huge corniciones and an overload of toppings; honey for crust-dipping is a genius idea that ought to be replicated Price: Mountain Pies range from $6.99 for a plain-cheese 1-pounder to $35.99 for a 5-pounder Specialty Pie; all-you-can-eat option featuring 7-pizza buffet, salad, and soup is $8.49 for adults and 50¢... More

Stupid Burglar Tricks

Quick Bites Adam Kuban Post a comment

The Denver Channel: "A 21-year-old burglary suspect was stuck in an air vent at a Blackjack Pizza restaurant for hours Friday morning before firefighters arrived to cut his clothes off and free him. The man was lodged in the small vent above the restaurant's oven."... More

New York-Style Pizza at Denver's Fuhgidabowdit

Linnea Covington 17 comments

This review comes from Serious Eats intern Linnea Covington, who was recently in Denver visiting family. —The Mgmt. Growing up in Denver, I thought pizza was defined by Pizza Hut, Domino's, and the cult-like chant of Little Caesars': "Caesar! Caesar!" My family preferred Pizza Hut to Domino's, but due to economic difficulties often opted for Little Caesars' two-for-one square pizza deal with free soda. But, on special occasions, we dipped into the kitty and sprang for Anthony's Pizza and Pasta. Anthony's was a pioneer of New York-style pizza in Denver, and for a 10-year-old kid it was amazing. Now it's... More

Colorado Pizzeria Offering Free Pies If Rays Win World Series

Erin Zimmer 5 comments

"I will give you free pizza if the Rays win." —John Keiley, Johnny's New York Pizza John Keiley of Johnny's New York Pizza & Pasta in the Denver suburb of Lakewood likes to give away free pizza when certain athletic teams win. First it was his hometown Colorado Rockies in June 2007. When the underdogs actually beat the Yankees, he gave away 2,500 pizzas (worth $12,000) to celebrate the victory. Then it was football. Last season, he promised that if any NFL team could go 16-0, he'd give away free pies. Well, the New England Patriots took on his dare,... More

Hey: You Got Your Pizza in My Bagel

Adam Kuban 3 comments

From PRNewswire.com: Denver area pizza lovers have a 'hole' lot [Groan —Ed.] to be excited about as Einstein Bros. Bagels cooks up new pizza bagels for its hometown customers.... Einstein Bros. is now offering five Pizza Bagel flavors in 28 Front Range restaurants. When I was a kid, Sis Slice (who was around 7 at the time) came up with this idea—using Lender's frozen bagels, some Chef Boyardee pizza sauce, and whatever mozzarella we had on hand. She submitted the idea to a local TV station's "create an afterschool snack" contest. And never heard from the station. Hey, I thought... More

AOL Cityguide: 13 Perfect Pizzas Across America

Adam Kuban 21 comments

And they are: Zachary's Chicago Pizza: Berkeley, California PIzzeria Regina: Boston Patsy Grimaldi's Pizzeria: Scottsdale, Arizona Vic's Bar & Restaurant: Bradley Beach, New Jersey Tacconelli's: Philadelphia John's: New York City Star Pizza: Houston Imo's Pizza: Saint Louis Home Run Inn: Chicago Mellow Mushroom: Atlanta Windy City PIzza: Tampa, Florida Anthony's Pizza and Pasta: Denver Papreza's Pizza: Henderson, Nevada Well, they say 13 is an unlucky number, right? I mean, only one New York City pizzeria on this list? And it's John's? John's is good, sure, but not the best in NYC. And maybe we should hold our tongue until we've... More

Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere: H.S.T. R.I.P.

e-rock 3 comments

[For those of you new to Slice, let me introduce E-Rock. E-Rock is our roving reporter. While the rest of the Slice staff remains safe and warm in New York City, with easy access to some of the world's best pizza, we send E-Rock out to do our dirty deeds: eating at and reporting on pizzerias in other parts of the country—and the world—that might not have the greatest pies. Most of his missions end in disappointment, but he seems to cope by viewing these crazy assignments as being more about the journey than the destination. Hunter S. Thompson has... More

Columbine Connection

Adam Kuban Post a comment

We learn from the New York Times, in its story about Columbine killers Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris's target-practice video, that the teens worked in a pizzeria: The man who taped the target practice was Philip Duran, who worked with Harris and Klebold at a pizza shop, Jefferson County district attorney's spokeswoman Pam Russell said. I knew some menacing folks who worked at pizza parlors, too, but the worst they ever did was put some type of oil—I don't remember what kind—on the pizza pans, thereby inducing diarrhea in unsuspecting diners.... More

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