'Comet Ping Pong' on Serious Eats

DC Pizza and Some Hot Coal-Oven News

On the blog DCist today, a comparison of Washington pizzerias 2 Amys, Bebo Trattoria, Comet Pizza, and Red Rocks. What gets my attention, however, is one of the commenters: NYC expats who want their coal-fired pizza fix now have an option outside Baltimore. The Phat Pug Coal Fired Pizzeria, 8814A Bel Air Road, Perry Hall, MD is about an hour's drive from downtown DC. If you're down on the burnt crust tip, this is your only option outside New York. And yeah, coal fired pizza ain't coming to DC no way, no how. Imagine what that stuff does to your... More

More D.C. Pizza

Blogger D.C. Concierge answers a question from one of her readers: Where can I find good pizza in the District? She recommends Comet Pizza and Ping Pong (Warning: Slicester Hackmuth tells us that the pies here are "tiny and expensive"). The concierge also is also in "LOVE LOVE LOVE" with 2 Amys, which at one point was one of the few pizzerias in the U.S. to be listed with the Verace Pizza Napoletana organization (the joint is no longer listed on the VPN site). Anyway, the concierge claims that the best brick-oven pies in D.C. can be found at Matchbox... More

D.C.: Comet Ping Pong

Photograph from zenfrisbee on Flickr In October of last year, Washington, D.C. restaurateurs James Alefantis and his parter Carole Greenwood, co-owners of Buck's Fishing & Camping, took over the abandoned space next door and opened one heck of a quirky pizzeria. Comet Ping Pong—decorated with an old neon sign from Comet Liquor in the Adams Morgan neighborhood, three ping pong tables in the back, and an overall ping pong theme—opened to a somewhat shaky start, but the Washington Post's Tom Sietsema revisited recently and was mighty impressed: Comet's pies are intended to reflect the childhood memories of Greenwood (who... More

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