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Quote of the Day: Glide on the Pizza Train

Quote of the Day"You know what they need to start? A food train trend. So get this — you get one train car, an old one that is fueled by a wood-burning engine. Here's the genius — the wood would also power the wood-fired pizza oven! I know nothing about pizza ovens or trains, but that sounds like it would be easy to rig. Maybe the people at Kesté or Grimaldi's in NYC can figure that out." —Aziz Ansari, in Bon Appétit More

Recursive Pizza Code

Cycorider coded this up for us in the comments of one of the recursive pizza posts from earlier this week. Figured I'd break it out here on the front page for everyone to see: food eatPizza (bool hungry) { string review = ""; string toSeriousEats = "http://slice.seriouseats.com"; order(pizza); eat(pizza, hungry); if (hungry) { eatPizza(hungry); } else { write(review); print review; return toSeriousEats; } }... More

Comment of the Day: Slice, Slice, Baby

"The famous story from my birth: Within seconds of me arriving into the world and the cord being cut, a nurse says to my mom, 'You did it! She's here! Do you need anything?' And my mom says, 'I want a PIZZA!' That's the moment my love affair began. :)" —DoggiesLove2Eat, on "Poll: When Did You Start Loving Pizza"... More

The Best Vegan Pizza Tip Ever: MARINARA PIE

Most vegans (and Neapolitan pizza lovers) are probably well aware of this fact, but if you are friends with vegan folk, you never, ever have to worry about eating pizza with them if you keep this in mind: "Most wood-fired places serve a traditional pie called a marinara consisting of tomato, sea salt, oregano, basil (one leaf), olive oil, and garlic. It's almost always vegan, and delicious."

Tonycalzone, thank you. That is a great tip to remember. More

Comment of the Day

"When I'm making pizza for college students at work, I get pissed at the kids who take my beautiful pizza and indiscriminately dump 3 to 4 pounds of Parmesan on top, just because it's there. Like the entire thing is covered in snowy white powder. My pizza is not Studio 54, children. Frick'n amateurs." —sailordave... More

Comment of the Day

"I think the hostility of commenters so far is the understandable reaction of people unable to cope with so much awesome all at once." --thesteveroller, on poutine pizza... More

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