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Cook's Illustrated Thin-Crust Pizza

There's a recipe for thin-crust pizza in the latest issue of Cook's Illustrated (January/February 2011). In it, Andrew Janjigian (whose name you might recognize from a couple reviews on Slice) tackles the process of getting a good crust and flavorful sauce in a standard home kitchen. For those of you with Cook's Illustrated digital subscriptions, well, the recipe isn't up on the site yet, but there's a teaser video on the site's homepage. You can see that Andrew is using a food processor to start the dough, with a bit of post-processor kneading. He calls for a 1- to 3-day... More

Deep Dish Pizza à la 'Cook's Illustrated'

[Photographs: Adam Kuban] I've had the January/February 2010 issue of Cook's Illustrated sitting in my to-do stack of crap since it came out. In it, a recipe for deep dish pizza. (You can find that recipe here, though it's behind a paywall. Sorry! Oh, or try this website, which has it: http://thirtyaweek.wordpress.com/2010/01/28/deep-dish-pizza-recipe) With some free time last Saturday, I set about making the stuff. Above is one of my finished pies (the recipe makes two 9-inch-round pizzas). Since all the junk is in the proverbial trunk, i.e., you can't see nothin' but sauce, I'll tell you that this one... More

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