'Costco' on Serious Eats

Costco, a Pizza Chain Hiding in Plain Sight

This membership warehouse club is the largest such chain of its kind in the U.S., with 416 domestic locations as of 2010. Most of these locations have a food court, and most of those food courts sell pizza. This would make the warehouse club the 15th largest pizza chain in the U.S. More

On Costco Snack Bar Pizza

[Photograph: colros on Flickr] A thread on Slice parent site Serious Eats has folks discussing the merits of Costco pizza. I've never had it, since I'm not a Costco member. Here's what people are saying: "I eat the pizza at Costco all the time. It's big, cheesy, and the sauce is good too. I've had better pizza and I've had many worse." —joeqboo "I used to have a Costco on the way home from work and I would buy a bottle of wine and have a slice of pizza. The pizza is pretty filling for the price." —redfish... More

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