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Top This: Goat Cheese and Escarole Pizza (à la WildCraft Sourdough Pizza)

Slice: Los Angeles Kelly Bone 2 comments

At WildCraft Sourdough Pizza favorites such as the Goat Cheese and Escarole Pizza, have been on Chef Vuong's menu since opening night. Topped with a shallow of béchamel and spotted with wilted clumps of escarole and goat cheese, this pie may sound subtle. Get ready for a surprise. More

Top This: Spinaci e Pomodoro (à la LaRocco's Pizzera)

Slice: Los Angeles Kelly Bone 1 comment

At LaRocco's Pizzera, the Spinaci e Pomodoro highlights fresh produce. The baby spinach leaves and halved cherry tomatoes are lightly touched with heat, drawing out flavor while retaining their vibrant color. This pizza takes full advantage of residual heat, gentling wilting the leaves and transforming the fruit into warm cherry tomato bombs. More

First Look: WildCraft Sourdough Pizza, Los Angeles

Slice: Los Angeles Kelly Bone 6 comments

Just one week into service and WildCraft Sourdough Pizza is already a hot contender in the Los Angeles pizza scene. More

Daily Slice: Café Livre, Los Angeles

Daily Slice Kelly Bone Post a comment

The Zucchini, Slow Roasted Corn, Tomato Sauce, Gruyere Cheese and Basil ($12) is the highlight of the coca menu. Traditionally, cocas are topped with an array of items, but caramelized onions are frequently in the mix. Instead, Chef Zadi brings sweetness to this dish with the sugary crunch of slow roasted corn. More

Daily Slice: Akasha, Los Angeles

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Every night of the week, Akasha in Downtown Culver City is brimming with eager patrons delighting over sustainably sourced burgers and "best onion rings in town". No one is here for the pizza. But these delicate flatbreads should not be overlooked. When paired with Akasha's enticing sides and salads they make a satisfying entrée. More

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