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Who's your grandma? UES Abitino's nonna pie doin' it right

"Burnt cheese is not a gimmick, it's a guilty pleasure that we should all indulge in..." [Photographs: DJ Bubbles] Abitino's (UES) 1592 First Avenue, New York NY 10028 (82nd/83rd; map); 212-734-8800; abitinospizza.com Pizza style: Grandma pies and slices Oven type: Steel-deck gas-fired The Skinny: The grandma pies here are the thing to get. Make sure to order them well-done Whatever happened to "What can I get for your, sir?" when you walk into a pizzeria? These days, I'm getting a lot of "Whaddya want, tons of fun?" It's that type of treatment that has had me ordering in lately. Back... More

Ambiance Is Not a Topping

"It sometimes seems as if he's living in an alternate pizza universe—one where Papa John is Chris Bianco and ambiance should be a topping that you can order like fennel sausage." Mic check 1, 2, 1, 2. Bubbles B in the place to be. Comin' outta retirement to work ya like a fireman. What's good, sliceheads? I know it's been a minute, but I have to break you off with a little something. I made a move to the Upper East Side (it's not all bad—Central Park, Museum Mile, D'Ag hags) and can't say much for the pizza thus far,... More

Slice and the City: A DJ Bubbles Margherita Drive-By

Bubbles Bradshaw here. While my sister, Carrie, and her floozie friends made a killing at the box office this summer in the lame-ass rom-com Sex and the City, I've been keeping tabs on my favorite gal pals, the (pizza) Margheritas of New York. Suffice it to say, they've been putting out like Carrie's best friend, Samantha. Luckily, I’m not a jealous guy. So allow me to take a moment and update you on where the hottest Margheritas have been kicking it. Which is where I inevitably end up, as well. Yeah, that's right, we've got a hit show of our... More

Pizzeria Bianco: The DJ Bubbles Drive-By

"What does DJ Bubbles think of the pizza at Pizzeria Bianco? Short answer: It is unquestionably great." Above: The Margherita from Pizzeria Bianco—mozzarella rich and buttery, sauce sweet and tangy, basil fresh and evenly spread, and crust crisp yet soft. As usual, I've taken my sweet-ass time between articles, and I know that has been a cause of concern for some of you out there looking for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Well, I think you may be in luck, because I think I've found it—and it ain't in New York City, suckas! No, it... More

Artichoke, a DJ Bubbles Drive-By

Artichoke, man. What can be said about this place that hasn't already been argued about on Slice and a slew of other websites in recent weeks? I have been to the joint three different times—twice last weekend after word first broke on Slice and Chowhound and once this past Friday night—and I'm here to say that their pizza has already improved. I had a chat with Francis Basille, one of the owners who grew up making pies at Basille's in Staten Island and asked him about Eric Miller (doesn't know him from Adam—not Kuban, the proverbial Adam!), the ingredients... More

Patsy's in East Harlem: Balance, Perfection

The sixth slice is as good as the first. Yes, I just said 'sixth.' I would like to piggyback off of the Real Slim Shady's recent comments on America's Favorite Pizza Weblog and take it one step further with respect to his top two NYC pizzerias. I recently visited both Di Fara and Patsy's within 24 hours of each other, and my memories of both are still fresh in my mind. When Patsy's of East Harlem is "on," as AK likes to say, they are not only number one in New York, there is some serious distance between them and... More

Vezzo: Three Strikes and You're Out!

"I don't get why Vezzo is so popular just like I don't get why some people spend their Saturday nights at one of those souped-up frat houses on Third Avenue." Every neighborhood in Manhattan has its pros and cons. It's probably true that a lot of West Villagers would say they have nothing to complain about. But, then again, they still have to deal with the fact that Bleecker Street Pizza sits on Seventh Avenue South. Snap! You could argue that some 'hoods have more pros than cons when matching one up against another, but I guess there's an upside... More

Abitino's in Murray Hill

A New Year always brings about the opportunity for renewed optimism and reconciliation. It's a time to set new goals and get your priorities in order. As I was walking down Second Avenue, I decided I had two New Year's resolutions: I wanted to be healthier in 2008, and I wanted to try the remaining pizza joints in Manhattan that I hadn't already hit. I know, I'm kinda setting myself up to fail the first resolution if I am successful with the second. At any rate, it was with that spirit that I decided to grant a temporary Bubble... More

DJ Bubbles Wishes You a Happy New Year

Isabella's Oven, 365 Grand Street, New York NY 10002 (near Essex Street; map); 212-529-5206 It's been a while since the Bubbster has had much to say about anything on this fair weblog. I've been astray for some time now, but I've found my way home. Although, I must say, it doesn't feel much like home in recent weeks. Isabella's Oven causing such an uproar on the site because of a recent dip in quality certainly isn't music to my ears. And who wants to respond to comments in CAPS from Jeff B when he suggests that Two Boots is... More

A Sunday Night Slice Walk, a DJ Bubbles Drive-By

Or, 'A Plain Slice Review of Pizza 33, Mike's Pizza, Andiamo Pizzeria, Pizzanini, Ben's Pizzeria, and DeMarco's' View Larger Map This past Sunday, like so many of mine, was all about the pie. I started with a noon jaunt down to Luzzo's to reconfirm my love for the Naples-born Margherita DOC. However, as I was coming from uptown, I stumbled first upon good ol' Vinny Vincenz, as it's only one block north of Luzzo's on First Avenue. I had to at least stop in and grab one of Vin's excellent Sicilian slices, just to use it as a base case!... More

Vezzo, The DJ Bubbles Drive-By

Vezzo Address: 178 Lexington Avenue, New York NY Phone: 212-839-8300 The draw: Strong word-of-mouth recommendations to the DJ, "Thin Crust Pizza," two sister pizzerias (Gruppo and Posto) that are also doing very well, a brick-oven, cash only (often indicative of high quality, e.g., Patsy's of East Harlem, Una Pizza Napoletana), and an exceptional Zagat rating for Gruppo (26 for quality—Vezzo makes the same pie, trust me). The facts: Wow, it's Sunday night and it's been a busy weekend. Kinda want to just stay on the couch, maybe order in. A dinner jaunt doesn't sound good right now, not even for... More

Isabella's Oven, The DJ Bubbles Drive-By

Update (1/28/2009): Isabella's Oven Closed Until Further Notice Ladies and gents, the always opinionated DJ Bubbles has checked in once again. Because I never know when he's going to strike, I'd been unofficially calling his stunning dispatches "drive-bys." Now I'm formalizing it. Here's the DJ Bubbles Drive-By on Isabella's Oven. It's a must-read, so do click through the jump. —Adam Words by DJ Bubbles | It has been said before that having a great meal can be a transcendent experience. When someone has poured all his soul, energy, and being into something so divine, you can taste it in every... More

The Best Grandma Slice in New York?

Ladies and gents, Slice's favorite drive-by pizza reviewer is back after a long absence. That's right, DJ Bubbles, whose credentials are best explained by the man himself in his message below, has resurfaced with the following email, to which he attached two photos--one presumably of himself and the other, I'm guessing, his dog, who I'm going to christen DJ Doggles. Buon appetito! --The Mgmt. Attenzione, New Yorkers: Slice is in Bubble Trouble again as New York City's number one player hater is back on attack. The primogenitor of the Definitive NYC Top Ten Pizza List (the most commented-on article in... More

'The Syracuse Pizza Manifesto'

After much discussion and smacktalk about it in the Comments section, Slice was able to get a copy of the infamous "Syracuse Pizza Manifesto" by pizzafans D.J. Bubbles (right) and M.C. Treats. Though less a "manifesto" than a list, it is nonetheless helpful for pizza-craving 'Cuse folk. We'll see if this starts a flame war with the pizza cognoscenti in Syracuse the way it did between Bubbles and Mr. Cutlets. THE LEGITIMATE [SYRACUSE] TOP 10 10. PEPPINO'S: Great crust, good cheese, but a little too greasy. 9. MARTINO'S: Grab a great slice (much better than ordering a pie here) and... More

From the Mailbag: 'The Definitive Top 10 List'

An interesting item hit the Slice inbox yesterday. OK guys, put this in your pie and smoke it! A couple of caveats: The list isn't quite as definitive as it claims to be, as it is missing any critical analysis of Staten Island, Queens, and Bronx joints. When you guys post this on the site (front page, please), perhaps you may want to refer to it as "The Definitive Manhattan and Brooklyn Top 10 List." We've all been to these places enough times to know what's going on and who's coming with their A game and who isn't. Seltzerboy, as... More

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