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Danbury, Connecticut: Pizza Parlor Pizza at Nick's Restaurant

Amy Kundrat 8 comments

Unapologetically cheesy, with a hefty crust and a side of homespun hospitality, the pizza at Nick's in Danbury, Connecticut feels both instantly familiar and timeless. The anchor to this family-run operation is a full menu of Italian American specialties, a couple of gas powered ovens and a tangy signature sauce. More

Openings: Frank Pepe's Comes to Danbury, Connecticut

Amy Kundrat 4 comments

A slice of New Haven's Wooster Street arrived in Danbury, Connecticut last week in the form of a new outpost of Frank Pepe's Pizzeria Napoletana. Just to make absolutely sure this was not a wintertime mirage, I headed over to the new Danbury branch during a recent snow day. More

Danbury, Connecticut: Stanziato's Wood-Fired Pizza Stands Firm

Amy Kundrat 8 comments

The telltale signs of wood fire are prominent on a Stanziato's pie, and the result is a delightfully chewy crust. A light, crackly char on the crust exterior belies a soft, pillowy interior. It's light yet sturdy, standing firm to most toppings you can throw at it. More

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