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Daily Slice: The Rivington at Delancey, Los Angeles

Daily Slice Kelly Bone 3 comments

When looking for NYC style pizza in LA, Delancey rarely comes up. Perhaps because Delaney is not a direct interpretation of a particular style. They capture the classic New York/Jersey pizzeria feel, but remain aware of their Hollywood address. More

The 8 Best Pizzas in the Pacific Northwest

The Slice Team 17 comments

While the major hubs in the Pacific Northwest don't have a pizza tradition, there are plenty of passionate pizza people that have opened up shop in Seattle and Portland. The pizza landscape has changed dramatically in the last seven years, so much so that Portland and Seattle seem to be leading the charge in the pizza renaissance. And despite not having regional styles steeped in history, pizzerias in the Pacific Northwest are putting their own stamp on Neopartisinal pies through local sourcing, creative toppings, and new approaches, all of which perpetuate the evolution of pizza. More

Ed's Cosmic Pizza Blab: Can Serious Pizza-Makers Have More than Two Great Pizzerias?

Ed Levine 57 comments

Most great pizzerias are the product of one compulsive, obsessive person who lives and dies with every pie. Is it possible for a pizzeria to expand beyond two locations and maintain the quality that makes them great? It's like pizza-obsessed folks have decided that their collective ovens get too hot for them to consider adding a third pizzeria. More

The Farthest I Have Ever Traveled for Pizza

Adam Kuban 2 comments

So here's something crazy I have never mentioned on Slice and maybe this counts .... On that Rachael Ray trip, the magazine paid for a crazy-ass plane trip from NYC to PDX to SEA to SFO to LAX to PHX to MCI (that's Kansas City). Instead of going straight home to NYC, though, I decided to have my "return" flight drop me in KC so I could visit my family. The magazine's travel agent was amenable to this. What did she care if my last leg stopped in NYC or KC? As long as I paid my own way back from KC to NYC, that was cool with her. Anyway, here's the deal, though: I didn't go home to NYC. More

Top This: Clam Pizza à la Seattle's Delancey

Slice: Seattle Adam Lindsley 10 comments

The best thing about Delancey's fresh clam pizza is an incredible sauce made from the reduced clam-steaming liquid and a little crème fraiche. Slivers of preserved lemons don't hurt either. Here's how to make Brandon Pettit's incredible pizza at home. More

Delancey: The Pinnacle of Seattle Pizza

Slice: Seattle Adam Lindsley 37 comments

In many cities, perhaps even most cities outside New York or Naples, you will come across a pizzeria that is clearly head-and-shoulders above the rest of the town's competition. This is very much true in Seattle, Washington, where owner/pizzaiolo Brandon Pettit's Delancey serves not only the best pizza in the city, but the best I've eaten in the entire state. By a mile. More

Dear Slice: 'You into Nettles on Pizza?'

Dear Slice Adam Kuban 6 comments

"It's like French kissing a forest nymph!" [Photograph: Leslie Kelly] Leslie Kelly (former critic for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and columnist on Serious Eats) just emailed me. Subject line: Ever had nettles on pizza? That's the thang this "spring" in Seattle... at Serious Pie and Delancey. At Serious Pie (picture) they were creamed and served with black trumpet mushrooms... YUM!! Might be of interesting to ask Slice readers: What's the most exotic ingredient you've had on a pizza?... More

More Rave Reviews for Seattle's Delancey

Adam Kuban 4 comments

[Photographs: Molly Wizenberg] Yet another rave review for Seattle relative newcomer Delancey, this time in the Ballard News Tribune, which calls them "delicate works of art": Pizzas have the slightly smoky taste of the wood-fired oven they just came out of. Pork fennel sausage is made in-house, and it's just the thing for the Sausage Pizza ($15) with tomato sauce, smoked and fresh mozzarella and basil. Subtlety rules these pizzas, and everything on the crust is chosen with care. The Porcini Pizza ($18) with fresh mozzarella, thyme and olive oil lives up to all expectations. A pizza can be... More

Delancey: Seattle's Great Pizza Hope

A Slice Field Agent 5 comments

When it rains, it pours. Soon after getting a quick rundown on Seattle's new Delancey pizzeria, we received the following field report from Natalie Broulette (aka The Soho). Have at it! —The Mgmt. [Photographs: Natalie Broulette] Words by Natalie Broulette | As an adopted New Yorker who moved to Seattle a little more than two years ago, I've learned that great pizza in Seattle is about as hard to come by as bad pizza in New York. I know Northwesterners are sick and tired of East Coasters coming in and knocking their cuisine, and I don't mean to say there... More

Dear Slice: 'I Made It to Delancey Last Night'

Dear Slice Adam Kuban 10 comments

OK, so I actually got this email on Thursday, so I guess our friend here made it to Delancey last Wednesday, but who's counting? A few days doesn't change the sentiment. For those of you who don't know, Delancey is the Seattle pizzeria newly opened by Brandon Pettit, husband of überpopular food blogger Molly Wizenberg (Orangette). Needless to say, its arrival, beautifully documented on Wizenberg's site, has been highly anticipated by food bloggers and food-blog readers. Here's some intel for you. --The Mgmt. [Photograph: Orangette] Adam,I got to Delancey last night to try out Brandon and Molly's new restaurant. The... More

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