'Di Fara virgins' on Serious Eats

More Di Fara First-Timers Report on Yesterday's Field Trip

My first visit to Di Fara was bittersweet, timed as it was to mark my last day at Slice/Serious Eats World Headquarters. Still, what a way to go out. From reading Slice commentary, I expected the pizza to be delicious but possibly burned or greasy. The golden-crusted pies we got, however, were perfectly executed, the ideal New York pizza.... More

Deflowering More Di Fara Virgins

[Photograph: Adam Kuban] Last time I posted about taking Di Fara n00bs out to Midwood, my bowling teammate Tien Mao was like, "I still haven't been to Di Fara. We should do an end-of-season bowling team trip out there." So, finally, after much planning and many false starts, the members of I Can't Believe It's Not Gutter made the trek to Di Fara yesterday morning.... More

Thoughts from Another Di Fara First-Timer

"I have been waiting a lifetime to eat a square slice this good." You can imagine how left out I felt when I read that almost all of the Slice–Serious Eats office had gone to Di Fara last Wednesday. Especially because many, like myself, had never gone prior to last week. For a day or so there I remained one of the few contributors to the Serious Eats family of blogs who had not visited the fabled pizzeria in the middle of Brooklyn. Our own Joe DiStefano called me out on the fact in the comments section of the post... More

Thoughts from Di Fara First-Timers

"I just wished that the slice hadn't been quite so oily; I felt as if I had to slurp through a puddle before getting to the true, vibrant flavors." As promised earlier today, here are the quick-and-dirty notes from the Di Fara first-timers I led on our Midwood expedition earlier today. We ordered a plain round pie, a plain square pie, and a special artichoke pie (round). Total damage: $85 big ones!... More

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