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LaGuardia: Tagliare, Dom DeMarco Jr.'s Airport Pizzeria

Tagliare Cibo Express Gourmet Food Hall, Delta Terminal (Terminal D), LaGuardia Pizza Style: New York Oven Type: Gas The Skinny: An interpretation of the wildly popular Di Fara pizza by Dominick DeMarco's son may disappoint if you are looking for an exact clone. Otherwise it serves a very good classic New York slice, especially for an airport Price: Slice, $5 Notes: Available only to ticketed passengers at Terminal D Let's get this out of the way: Tagliare is not Di Fara. It is not an offshoot of Di Fara. You will not see Dom DeMarco doting over each pie... More

Old News to You, New News to Me

Hola, Slice'rs. Girl Slice and I are back from our honeymoon. I'm happy to at the helm of Slice again after two weeks away, but I have to say I could use another week to decompress and catch up with the pizza news that went on while I was away. Speaking of which, here is some crap you've probably seen already.... Dom DeMarco Jr. to Open Chain of Pizzeria Dom DeMarco Jr. serves customers at Di Fara Pizza in Brooklyn. [Photograph: Adam Kuban] I have to apologize to you in advance. Dom DeMarco Jr. tipped me to this news the... More

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