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Trending: Hot Soppressata Is the New Pepperoni

[Photograph: Adam Kuban] Who's Using It Fornino, Williamsburg, Brooklyn Ken's Artisan Pizza, Portland, Oregon Roberta's, Bushwick, Brooklyn Lolita, Cleveland Motorino, Brooklyn/Manhattan Il Cane Rosso, Dallas La Piazza al Forno, Glendale, Arizona Emilia's Pizzeria,* Berkeley, California I'm calling it: Hot soppressata is fast becoming the it topping among serious pizzamakers. Why do I say this? Peep the places at right that feature it as an option. (In an earlier draft of this post, I had Philadelphia's Pizzeria Stella on the list, but the options seems to have dropped off its pre-opening working-draft menu.) It took backyard-pizzamaker-turned-soon-to-be-pro Pauile Gee to call... More

Pizza Madness 2009: I Left My Heartburn in San Francisco

And my documentation of Pizza Madness 2009 continues. Here, I'm just going to roll up my San Francisco leg into one post, since A) I had trouble getting photos in some of these darkened joints and B) this is where the Neapolitan pies really started to blur together. —The Mgmt. View Pizza Madness 2009, San Francisco Leg in a larger map As I said in an earlier post documenting "Pizza Madness 2009," I knew Seattle and San Francisco were going to kick my pizza-eating ass. I was well-prepared for San Francisco going in, since I've now visited the city a... More

Brain Dump: West Coast Pizza Madness 2009, Where I Visited

View West Coast Pizza Tour in a larger map [All photographs by Adam Kuban unless noted] I know it's taken me a while to get the lead out re this trip. I've been back in NYC for six days after 12 days total on the road (nine actual pizza-eating days among those). I figured that regular Slice readers might want the skinny on which places I visited while out west. They're above in the map, but I'll also list them below, after the jump.... More

What They're Saying About Emilia's Pizzeria

[Photograph: Adam Kuban] I've eaten a lot of pizza over the years. But I often doubt my own judgment. So when I gave big props to Emilia's Pizzeria last month, even before it opened, I was worried that my taste buds would somehow be off—that people would eventually try it and then tell me I'm full of crap. Well, the first of the UGC-review-site reviews are rolling in, and they're unanimously good so far. Witness the thread on Chowhound:... More

Emilia's Pizzeria in Berkeley Opens to the Public; Hours, Offerings Limited for Now

Ignore the sign above. Emilia's is now open to the public, though in limited capacity. [Photograph: Adam Kuban] Early last month I had the pleasure of getting an early taste of Emilia's Pizzeria in Berkeley, California. If the pizza I had during that friends-and-family event is any indication of what it is now that Emilia's is in soft open mode, Berkeley residents are in for a treat. The refreshingly unpretentious non-Neapolitan pizzeria started operating in a limited capacity on Monday night. After the jump, Keith Freilich, Emilia's owner-pizzaman explains.... More

First Look: Some Great Pizza at Emilia's Pizzeria in Berkeley, California

Clockwise from top left: Emilia's Pizzeria during a recent friends-and-family night, owner-pizzaiolo Keith Freilich, a plain pie hot out of the oven. [Photographs: Adam Kuban] Emilia's Pizzeria 2995 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley CA 94705 (at Ashby Avenue; map); emiliaspizzeria.com Getting There: By car, it's at the corner of Shattuck and Ashby avenues; closest BART stop is the Ashby Avenue Station Pizza Style: Thin-crust, New York–coal-oven-esque Oven Type: A very hot Wolf "Pizza Grande" gas-fired oven The Skinny: Whether you're a whiny New Yorker looking for familiar-tasting pizza or someone who's never set foot in the Big Apple, the pizza at... More

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