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The Guardian's Tim Hayward Visits Franco Manca Pizza in Chiswick, London

"It's not burned, it's just slightly carbonized." —Tim Hayward Tim Hayward, of Britain's Guardian newspaper, visits Neapolitan pizzeria Franco Manca in Chiswick, West London, in this video on the Guardian's website. You'll have to click through—the video wasn't embeddable, but it's worth watching.* According to Hayward, Franco Manca's Chiswick location has been getting buzz since opening. It opened in early December 2009; there's also a location in Brixton.... More

British Parliament Scandal Widens

Photograph from ** Maurice ** on Flickr If you haven't been paying attention to news from the U.K., some members of Parliament have come under fire in the last week for taking liberties with their expense accounts, including hedge-trimming, moat-clearing(!), and tennis-court repairs at their homes. Who knew there would be a pizza angle, though? One member of Parliament bought so much in the upscale food section of the department store Marks & Spencer that he got a free pizza wheel. Blimey!... More

Searching for London's Best Pizza

Bloomberg Bloomberg Television ropes Italian chef Francesco Mazzei of L'Anima into a tour of London in hopes of finding the best pizza there. But, oh, they didn't hear about saving the best for last. By a stroke of good luck or bad luck (take your pick), they end up finding the best pizzeria in the Big Smoke at the start of their tour. Having done a number of pizza tours myself, I know how disappointing it is starting on a high and then hitting misses the rest of the day. What's that you ask? Oh, the best pizza joint... More

Pizza Huts in the UK Will Become Pasta Huts

With the 700-location chain of UK Pizza Huts changing up the menu to include pasta, salads, and stuff without hydrogenated oils, it's apparently time for a name change. "Hey mom, the Pasta Hut delivery man is here!" The UK division has already spent £17 million on the new "refurbishment" plan.... More

Pizza Link Roundup

Maybe I wouldn't knock Pizza Hut so much on this site if it imported stuff like this from its supersecret Japanese labs. Pigs in a blanket on a pizza? I don't know if this "PaPa-Challe" pie is genius or sheer folly. Perhaps both. (The video of the Japanese commercial appears after the jump.) Unique couple owns Lucas, Ohio, pizzeria: "The man at the bar was telling the tale. When he asked how long it should take the Mohawk Pizza and Tavern driver to make the delivery, he was told Stretch should be there in about half an hour. But the... More

Liverpool Calling

Mean Mister Mustard sleeps in the park Shaves in the dark trying to save paper Sleeps in a hole in the road Saving up to buy some clothes Keeps a ten-bob note up his nose Such a mean old man Such a mean old man —The Beatles, "Mean Mister Mustard," Abbey Road words and photographs by E-Rock .:. It took E-Rock less than two hours to get robbed in Liverpool. She-Rock and I (left) had just closed out a great weekend in Northern England’s Lake District, where we had attended my stepsister’s wedding and stayed in a castle that would... More

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