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Does Ordering Di Fara on Facebook Really Work?

Last week, Chicago food writer Michael Nagrant emailed me asking for some tips on scoring a Di Fara pizza in as little time as possible. "Haha, buddy," I said. "How 'bout after I finish moving this mountain?" But I told him that Di Fara had been experimenting with taking pizza orders on Facebook. "Maybe you could try that. Lemme know if it works. I'm really curious." Well, here's Mike's report. More

Di Fara Taking Pizza Orders via Facebook

On Di Fara's Facebook page, someone asks: "Can we place orders via facebook???" To which the Di Fara page improbably answers: "I do not mind at all allowing orders to be placed via facebook. the only issue is I only check in to facebook a certain time of day and if its not placed within that window of time , I may miss it ...happens often ! if you know a day or two in advance that you intend to come in, that is always helpful ..." More

Pizza Hut Facebook App Enables Facebook Pizza Orders

"Pizza Hut said it is one of only a few companies using a Facebook application for ordering food, and the only pizza chain to do so. Registered users will be able to browse the entire Pizza Hut menu without leaving Facebook. The application also remembers previous transactions for quick reordering." [Media Post; add Pizza Hut app here]... More

Di Fara on Facebook

With Facebook, I go through fits and starts. I'll leave it alone for weeks and then get a bug and play with it obsessively for a couple of days. Last night I was on the damn thing and noticed this whole "Pages" thing, where you can become a "Fan" of someone or something. I was already a fan of Grand Sichuan International restaurant, so I checked to see if there was a Di Fara fan page. Nope. Zilch. Nada. Bupkes. Sure there was a Fans of Di Fara group, which I'm also a member of, but no Di Fara page.... More

Slice on Facebook

OK. So I joined Facebook a couple months ago to see what it was all about. Yeah, I know, the college kids have been way into it for a while, and I kinda feel like an old fart on it, but I figured I'd start a Slice group on there for the hell of it. My thinking is that I'll use it to rally the troops, to raise a "Slice Army," if you will—a group of folks to call on for organized and impromptu pizza field trips. The Slice group is open to Facebook members at large, so if you're... More

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